The lottery. Traditional Cuban children's story with values

The lottery. Traditional Cuban children's story with values

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Sometimes we allow ourselves to be guided by the desire to hoard more and more material goods and we forget the really important things in life. in fact, this lust for money, for example, can end up blinding a person to the point of losing everything.

There is a saying that explains the moral of this traditional Cuban tale very well: 'A bird in hand is better than a hundred flying'. Enjoy with your child the story 'The lottery' and reflect with him with the help of the reading comprehension questions that we propose at the end.

Once upon a time there was a peasant who lived on the island of Cuba, who really liked to play the lottery. He was convinced that one day it would be his turn, so each week he sealed a ticket. However, luck did not seem to arrive. Still, he was not discouraged.

One hot summer morning, the farmer went to stamp his lottery ticket, like every week, but that day He had a feeling: he was sure that he was finally going to get the prize. So without thinking about it, he used all his money to buy many ballots of the same number, sure that this way, he would collect many more profits.

Upon arriving home, he warned his wife:

- This afternoon they will say the lottery number. It's going to touch me, so soon you'll see me show up with a fancy car. As soon as you see me show up by car and not walking, go inside and throw away everything you find old and ugly. We will decorate our new house again!

And that same afternoon, the peasant went very happy to the lottery administration, sure of being able to collect the prize. Along the way, he imagined what his new life as a millionaire would be like: new shoes, all the clothes he wanted, the best car and a bigger and more luxurious house ...

His wife, meanwhile, stayed home, waiting for her husband to arrive with the award. The signal was the car: if her husband returned in a luxurious car, it is because they would have won the lottery. So he begged to himself: "Please let our dreams come true and my husband return in a car and not walking."

In a short time, the woman saw in the distance a very luxurious red car heading towards her house. She saw with effort that her husband went inside, shouting something that she could not hear. He was waving his arms vigorously. and she thought that yes, finally, they had won the lottery.

She was so happy that she decided to do what her husband told her before leaving:

- 'As soon as you see that I arrive in a luxurious car, it will be a sign that we have won the lottery. Throw and break everything old and what you don't like, because we are going to change our life. '

Said and done, the woman began to break everything he considered old: dishes, sheets, cooking pots ... And soon he filled the garbage and emptied the house.

The woman already dreamed of decorating the house with new and luxurious objects ... Until her husband appeared at the door, accompanied by a man she did not know, but who was dressed in luxurious clothes and smelled of expensive perfume. Her husband, on the other hand, was disheveled, full of blows and walked with the help of two crutches.

- But what happened to you? - She asked scared.

- You see- answered the husband- I was walking back home when this man ran me over with his car ...

- And why were you screaming and waving your arms like that? I thought we won the lottery!

- He shouted: Don't throw anything away, we haven't won the lottery and I also have a broken bone!

Totally desolate, the woman fell suddenly on the sofa, and glanced at the empty house. His eagerness and impatience had played a trick on him.

Use these reading comprehension questions to reflect on this story with your child. Remember that stories are fantastic tools to transmit values ​​to children.

1. Why did the farmer play the lottery every week?

2. What did you say to your wife the day you thought you were going to win the lottery? What would be the signal to indicate that they had won the lottery?

3. What did the woman do when she saw her husband in a luxurious car from a distance?

4. What had really happened?

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