What to do if you have an authoritative child

What to do if you have an authoritative child

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Authoritarian children are those who do not ask you for things but rather ask for them. demand, that they always have to do things their way, that they do not respect the opinions or feelings of others because theirs always They are above, those who impose their game on their friends without asking, and also decide what role each one has to assume ... in short, they behave like little tyrants unaware that they are.

These children are more difficult for parents to handle than the rest, since their way of impose makes when they can't get away with feeling frustrated and they get angry easily.

We explain what can you do if you have an authoritarian child.

I have a couple of twins whom I try to educate equally, with the same values ​​and the same demands, however I cannot treat them both the same, since they are totally different and they demand different things.

The fact is that one of them has an authoritarian character and the other does not. Could this be the way to educate her? I don't think so, I just think it is unsafety.

Have a child authoritarian It is not easy, many times he makes me feel like his lackey; I have to put the milk in the cup that she imposes on me with the straw of the color she chooses, I have to place the dolls as she likes it, and she demands things from me instead of asking for them. It is difficult for him to have friends because his classmates they get tired of obeying her always, and if she doesn't play her way, she prefers not to play and stay in a corner alone, she doesn't respect her sister's opinions, although deep down she admires her deeply because, to her despair, her sister is the leader of the group, and Of course, being a leader is not the same as being bossy.

Leaders do not impose themselves, others follow them because they propose fun ideas in which everyone participates, they listen and incorporate the ideas of others into their own projects and games, involve all their peers by letting them choose their roles in the game, are more empathetic with the feelings of others, are cheerful and more flexible if something doesn't turn out the way they like it.

The difference is that the authoritarian may end up being a bully, while the leader may not.

Authoritarian children suffer, but they do not know how to handle situations in another way, and on top of that they have low tolerance to be given advice, which is why they are constantly angry, so you have to be very careful when educating them.

The reasons that a child is authoritarian can be very varied: since you have not set limits since childhood, because of the child's character, or because he is going through a stressful situation for him, and imposing himself on others is ato exhaust valve to your anxiety.

Depending on the case, act differently.

- If the problem is that the child is going through a delicate moment, we must find out why, and solve this anxiety problem.

- If you are missing limits, start by putting them now. Obviously you should not be brusque and overnight impose things that you previously allowed, but you should start negotiating with him, trying to make him understand the reasonings why he should do what you ask him to do. It should be clear that the authority is you, but that dialogue is necessary to reach agreements.

- Never slack in your decisions, whether they are punishments or tasks to be done. Try to put punishments that you can carry out and then not back down or you will not have achieved anything other than the child sees that if he presses you he can get what he wants.

- Try explain things and make him see that he must respect the opinion of others, listen and accept the will of his colleagues and family because it will be better for him. Try to make him a little more empathetic with others and put himself in their place.

- Do not pay attention to the child when he gives us orders, especially if he is small and does not understand the reasoning very well, but we will ask him to ask us for things correctly, or we will only assist you when you ask for things without demanding, or be able to negotiate them.

- We should not be too overprotective with them, but also not ignore their feelings, since in their daily life they often feel frustrated when they don't get what they want.

- If we want a little authoritarian child we must lead by example and not to demand things from him since he will imitate us, but to make him see that dialogue and reasoning have many more advantages than imposition.

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