20 homemade recipes of a lifetime for our children

20 homemade recipes of a lifetime for our children

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On our site we propose a return to the classic, to the usual simple cuisine, to those grandmother's recipes so delicious that just by smelling them you feed.

We invite you to prepare this selection of 20 homemade recipes of a lifetime for our children so that in addition to taking all those new dishes that have been introduced in the kitchen in recent years, they also learn to taste and value the traditional popular recipes.

We have selected recipes for first courses, second courses and desserts so that you can cook them step by step following the recipes of our grandmothers. They are delicious!

Homemade Russian salad. The Russian salad is an ideal dish to eat with the family, especially in the hot months. It is a refreshing meal, very tasty and ideal for children's diets due to its high content of nutrients and its energy value. We tell you how to make the best salad of your life.

Homemade Asturian bean stew. Asturian fabada recipe. Fabada is composed of white beans, a traditional legume that provides many nutrients. For this reason we encourage you to learn how to prepare this typical dish of Spanish gastronomy.

Traditional homemade gazpacho. Homemade gazpacho recipe, one of the most popular and traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy. our site offers us the step by step of this classic recipe, to prepare it for children on the hottest days. Learn to make Andalusian gazpacho adapted to the taste of children.

Lentils with vegetables, traditional recipe. Traditional recipe of lentils with vegetables. How to prepare some lentils with vegetables for children's meals. make a recipe for lentils with vegetables, healthy and nutritious for children.

Chicken stew with vegetables. Spoon plates are a good solution for those children who have trouble eating: they are nutritious, rich and easy to eat. We leave you a chicken stew with vegetables and quinoa perfect to discourage children from eating. A different and simple recipe for cold days. Chicken stew with vegetables and quinoa. Spoon recipe for children.

Homemade Chicken Broth. Before resorting to the helpful briks or envelopes of chicken broth or the pastilla, on our site we suggest you make it at home, naturally and with less fat and preservatives. Chicken broth is a light and healthy stew that can be used in different and varied dishes.

Traditional Madrid stew. Traditional recipe for Madrid stew. our site offers us the step by step of how to make an authentic Madrid stew, ideal for San Isidro's Day. Take back your grandmother's kitchen with this recipe for Madrid stew, to enjoy a good stew over low heat, very tasty.

Meatballs in the usual sauce. Gluten-free meatball recipe for kids. For all children, even those with eating problems such as children with celiac disease, we suggest that you prepare this recipe for delicious meatballs without gluten

Homemade potato omelette. Spanish omelette recipe. The potato omelette is one of the most typical dishes of Spanish cuisine and one of the tastiest. It is an easy and very quick recipe to prepare for both lunch and dinner for the little ones in the house.

Garlic chicken, traditional recipe. Traditions pass from generation to generation, like this chicken with garlic, grandma's recipe for children to enjoy the flavors of home cooking. How to prepare this recipe where chicken is the star ingredient, flavored with herbs and, of course, with garlic. A classic among classics.

Homemade chicken taco. How to make delicious chicken tacos for kids step by step. Tacos are one of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine. They can be prepared in multiple ways and all are delicious. Today we suggest you cook some tacos for the children's menu.

Ham croquettes and traditional bechamen. Homemade ham and béchamel croquettes recipe. How to make béchamel croquettes with ham. Easy croquettes recipes for children. Ham croquettes recipe step by step. Croquettes are a type of appetizer that is highly demanded by children, both for lunch or dinner.

Traditional homemade ceviche. The ceviche, cebiche or sebiche is one of the star recipes of Peruvian cuisine. In this case, our site has prepared a fish ceviche, a dish that consists of marinated fish with a lemon dressing. Learn how to make a fish ceviche, step by step. Peruvian recipes for the family.

Always homemade bread. Homemade bread recipe. our site offers you a recipe for homemade bread to make with children. Traditional bread is a food that provides a lot of energy for children.

Homemade pie. How to make an Argentine or Creole empanada step by step. Easy and traditional recipes for children. Argentine empanadas are an ideal recipe for a family meal, a birthday or an informal buffet.

Grandma's homemade custard. Grandma's recipes for desserts: homemade custard. Simple dishes to make with children. Custards are one of the children's favorite desserts, learn how to make them step by step.

Homemade egg flan. The best choice for desserts are grandma's traditional sweets, like this homemade egg custard, a recipe with a lot of calcium for children and pregnant women. An exquisite, easy and very quick dessert to make at home to sweeten the day with the children and the whole family.

Homemade lemon cake. On our site we teach you how to make a gluten-free lemon cake recipe for children. Gluten, which is present in many foods, will not be a problem for your child if he has celiac disease, with this gluten-free lemon sponge cake recipe.

Homemade torrijas step by step. Grandma's French torrijas recipe. The most traditional dessert of Easter, these granny torrijas have the best of simple and easy desserts, and an unforgettable flavor with the aroma of cinnamon and sugar.

Traditional roasted apples. Recipe for roasted apples in the traditional style. our site proposes you the preparation of grandmothers' desserts, such as these apples baked in the traditional style, they are often the favorites of children. A homemade recipe, easy and simple to prepare.

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