The ear of gold. Legend of Peru for children

The ear of gold. Legend of Peru for children

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Legends are very old stories that come to us from far corners of the planet and that are passed from generation to generation. Many of them are related to the most important values. Others tell us extraordinary stories full of fantasy.

In this case, 'The golden cob' is a legend from Peru that tells us about the value of effort. Whoever strives and perseveres, reaps the fruits. You can also use this story to reflect with the children on the importance of helping and collaborating at home: together, there are many more benefits.

It tells a very old legend of Peru that there once existed a very poor peasant family, composed of marriage and five children. They barely had enough to eat, and they survived thanks to a corn field. With the corn they made cakes and bread with which they could eat and part of the corn that was left over, they sold it in the afternoons in the market.

Nevertheless, the only one who worked in that family was the mother. She was in charge of caring for, collecting, cooking and selling the corn. She also ran the house, and sent her children to school every day. Meanwhile, the husband loafed doing absolutely nothing.

One day, the girl was really exhausted, and she could not collect enough corn. As she counted, she realized that that day she could not make enough bread to eat, let alone take corn to market to get a few coins. Heartbroken, she cried and cried ... If her husband helped her, they could join forces and collect much more corn, but he would not succeed, because he was very selfish and preferred to spend his time taking quiet walks in the fields. What could I do?

And when the woman, already desperate, was going to retire to bed, he discovered that something was glowing very brightly in the middle of the large pile of corn. At first he thought it was a flash from the sun. Also, when he was crying, the flash was blurred ... But when he was moving away from there, he turned around and looked again. Then he realized that it was night, so it couldn't be a ray of sunlight. He searched the heap of corn for what that might be.

- But ... - said in a low voice the peasant- You can't be ... if it's a golden ear!

Indeed, among all the other ears, one composed of golden grains looked very strong. It was a real ear of gold. And what did the girl do? She ran to find her husband to give him the good news.

He, who as always, was sleeping in the hammock, was startled when he saw that. The great God had rewarded his wife for being so good and hard-working! He knelt down and asked her forgiveness. He promised that from now on he would help him with everything.

They sold the cob, and with the money they raised they planted more corn, fixed the house, and bought new clothes for their children. Since then, the man began working in the fields with his wife, and their benefits doubled. They were never hungry again and were very, very happy.

Will your son have understood the message of this Peruvian legend? Check it out with these questions:

1. What did the family live on? How did they get money?

2. Who was in charge of the house in the corn field? What was the husband doing?

3. What did the woman find one day among the harvested corn?

4. What happened when you explained to your husband what you had found?

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