The danger of lifting children by the hands or arms

The danger of lifting children by the hands or arms

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There is a game that we usually play with the baby or with the child in a very common way and of which we are unaware of the risks. Our parents did it to us when we were little and we do it to our children. Children enjoy it so much that they ask us over and over again and yet we should avoid it. Which?

Is about take the children by the hands and spin themAnother version is the one in which the father grabs the child by one hand and the mother the other and lifts him up as if they were a swing. This seemingly harmless game can cause an injury called "babysitter elbow"a trauma that can lead to serious problems as the child grows.

That babies are very fragile is a fact, but as they grow, we run the risk of thinking that children are made of plasticine since they fall and get up like we could not. However, they are in the process of growth, his bones are constantly changing, the old bones are removed and replaced by new ones that are larger in size and density. And this occurs until the age of 25 or 30, when the bones reach their maximum density.

Bones can suffer dislocations, breaks or fissures throughout life, one of them is known as ulnar radial subluxation or babysitting elbow. It is a fairly common disorder in children under 5 years of age and it happens to a lesser extent in older children because the joints have gained strength.

Not only does it usually happen with the typical games of turning the child or making the swing with him. It occurs in those situations where an adult grasps the child's arm tightly or lifts him by one hand to prevent him from falling and can cause dislocation of the elbow.

Nanny's elbow is a very painful injury and its most obvious symptom in addition to the crying of the child is the immobility of the arm. Treatment consists of putting the ligament back in position, something only a doctor can do, and putting in a sling for 2 to 3 days.

To prevent this from happening and that the child does not have to go through this situation, it is necessary to follow these tips:

- Never take the child by the hands or arms, always hold him by the waist or armpits.

- Do not swing the child as if it were a swing while holding him by his arms or hands.

- Avoid, even if it amuses you a lot, to take him by the hand and turn him around.

At first they seem harmless, but by watching this video you will realize how risky and dangerous some games we do with babies and children can be. We tell you 5 movements that we should never do with our children.

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