Why kids have such a hard time learning on the days of the week

Why kids have such a hard time learning on the days of the week

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Do you find that your child knows how to say the days of the week and what day is today but there is no way he can tell you what day will be tomorrow?

Situations like these are very common, but why do children have such a hard time learn the days of the week?

While it is true that as children we have the ability to incorporate new vocabulary with extraordinary ease, it is also true that say a word It is not the same as knowing her.

And it is that to know the difference between each of the days we need to understand that we divide this step of the weather in seven days and that similar things generally happen each of these days of the week (for example, every Saturday we go shopping or every Thursday we eat with our grandparents).

From the repetition of these routines, the children relate these activities that are repeated weekly to an experience, which is associated with a set of emotions (joy, fun, curiosity ...). Based on this, more or less intense memoriesSince the more the experience is repeated each week (and the emotions that this experience generates), the easier it will be to associate the day of the week on which this occurs.

But this is not really the case, since routines are often broken - for example on vacation or if we get sick - and this makes the memory associated with the day of the week constantly change, of course.

So in order to understand the real meaning of the days of the week, children need to have experimented many times with each of them and find a logic that allows differentiating each of them.

Take this difference into account when you think about the learning of words that we use to refer to the passage of time, as it would also be in the case of months or seasons of the year.

That is why the most days easy to learn are the ones that affect us the most, especially if we clearly differentiate them when we talk about them (probably the arrival of Monday is ungrateful almost every day of the year and, on the other hand, most Sundays are welcome because you spend them with relaxing activities and more fun).

Knowing this, if you want to help your child learn more quickly on the days of the week, you can review the activities of each of the days and incorporate the habit of telling them, taking into account that you will only tell them what happens or has happened a few hours before or after said activity has happened.

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