Faltoncín learns to respect. Modern children's fable about respect

Faltoncín learns to respect. Modern children's fable about respect

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Respect is one of the fundamental values ​​in the development of the child. Knowing how to respect our colleagues and friends will open many doors for them and will make them cultivate best friends in the future.

In our campaign of 12 months- 12 values ​​we want to include this modern fable for kids that clearly shows the importance of respecting others if we want them to respect us.

Rabbit Faltoncín He did not know how to respect his companions, so they decided to teach him a lesson.

The Faltoncin rabbit He used to be late for class and would stand at the last desk, making noise: first he would drag his chair to sit down, then he would drop his backpack dramatically, and finally, he would lift the lid of the desk to place all his books and notebooks.

The teacher Lechuza waited patiently, but by the time the rabbit was silent, the students they had misled so much so that he had to start the lesson from the beginning.

- Uff how long the classes were made for the poor teacher!

Faltoncín liked to be the protagonist. So I also used to interrupt to his friends when they spoke, raising his voice to be the only one who would pay attention and mocking anyone who did not think like him.

What he was nice and he made funny faces, at first the classmates laughed, but then little by little, they got tired.

The little rabbit did not respect the row in the dining room, nor the shifts, nor the pencils of the companions, which he took without permission, but he was attentive to highlight the mistakes that anyone in the group had.

The day Faltoncín had to make a presentation in front of the class, they all decided teach him a lesson.

- I came to tell you about the wonderful world of carrots - the rabbit began animatedly from the stage.

Then he noticed that no one was listening, not even teacher Lechuza.

In vain, he tried to make himself heard, but failed. Discouraged, he went down to his desk.

That day he noticed that every time he was going to tell something, the Púa hedgehog or the Rattlesnake squirrel would interrupt him hopelessly, so he decided shut up.

At lunchtime, one by one, all his classmates slipped in the line and when he got to class, they began to use the rabbit's pencils, without his permission.

Faltoncín then couldn't take it anymore and went into a rage: What lack of educationYou are inconsiderate! What little camaraderie!

Then, the teacher Lechuza explained to him that they had agreed so that he could see how they felt when he did not treat them with respect.

Moral: In order to be respected, respect in advance.

If you want to find out if your son has understood this fable, you can ask him these simple questions. With them you will be able to know if your child has a good reading comprehension or not.

A good understanding of the text is one of the fundamental pillars when starting to read.

- What problem did Faltoncín have?

- Why were his friends angry with him?

- Why did you decide to teach him a lesson?

- How was Faltoncín punished?

- What lesson did Faltoncín learn?

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