10 curiosities of the storms for children

10 curiosities of the storms for children

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How many times has your child asked you about storms? Questions like these: Where do the rays come from? Why do we hear thunder but can't see it? Why is it sometimes lightning and thunder storms but it doesn't rain?

Since We try to answer all the disturbing questions from children about storms. Some of the questions and the answers will surprise you.

Children's curiosity is endless. Everything surprises them. Therefore, we must be prepared. We should always be able to answer the questions of our children, and if it is not at the moment, at least have the appropriate resources to seek information.

This you already know, but electrical storms are produced by the collision of masses of hot air with masses of cold air. When colliding, electricity is generated, which takes the form of lightning, lightning, and thunder. Also rain, hail, wind ... But, Did you know all these curiosities about the storm ?:

1. Do you know how fast lightning can go? ... At more than 198,000 kilometers per hour! Hence, the expression 'you are fast as lightning' is used so much.

2. As incredible as it may seem, lightning is more likely to strike a man than a woman. Guys are up to 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning! The statistics say so, they try to explain it because men tend to do more work outdoors and are more reluctant to take cover when the storm begins ... Still, don't worry, because the chances of being struck by lightning is of 1 in more than 2 million two hundred thousand.

3. But ... is it that lightning strikes from the sky? Not all! Many rays are ascending. Yes, they go from the ground to the sky. And other rays, travel from cloud to cloud. The lightning, which is that glow that is produced by the electrical discharge of the lightning, can also occur in the lower part.

4. Many children wonder: are the rays of fire? Do they burn like fire? Much more! They are much warmer than the sun. More than 4 times more! This is ... over 22,000 degrees Celsius. Plus it shines as bright as a million 100 watt bulbs.

5. And yes, thunderstorms occur more in summer. You know why? Because more hot air masses are generated than colliding with cold air masses, they generate electricity.

6. Never take a shower if there is a storm.. electricity from lightning can travel through pipes! Do not stay in the sea or in a pool either. Run out of the water!

7. And if you are in the field, do not go to shelter under a tree. When it is sunny, it is an excellent shelter. In the middle of a storm, it's like holding onto a lightning rod.

8. In some movies we have seen the protagonists count from the moment when thunder is heard until lightning is seen. You know why? It is the way to know how far the storm is. The distance is equal to the number of seconds divided by three.

9. Thunder is the expansion of the air around the lightning, and they arrive later because sound travels at a slower speed than light. But the sound can be very loud. It is estimated that it can reach 110 decibels. Remember that the maximum decibels to guarantee the health of our ears are 55.

10. Lightning does not strike in the rain zone of the storm, but outside. For those many people are taken by surprise. They think that if it doesn't rain, no lightning can strike. Big mistake! In fact, they can fall up to 40 kilometers from the center of the storm.

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