The bear, the monkey and the pig. Fable of Iriarte for children

The bear, the monkey and the pig. Fable of Iriarte for children

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Fables are very short stories, often presented in the form of rhymes or verses, with some final moral that will make children reflect on certain values.

In this case, we suggest you read the fable 'The bear, the monkey and the pig' with your child, a fable of the famous Spanish writer Tomás de Iriarte. Discover this fantastic version that we have prepared for you of the fable of Iriarte and reflect with your child on the value of sincerity. Explain to your child that sometimes we should listen to criticism from those who really know what they think and turn a deaf ear to 'sycophants' who are not really sincere.

A bear, dedicated to dance, practiced a number with his feet. He hadn't learned it very well, and he had to hurry, because he had a show and was willing to make money on acting.

Suddenly a monkey came to see him. He was watching him for a long time. The bear, took advantage and asked:

- Tell me, mona, how are you?

- Very bad, she answered without hesitation.

The bear at first got angry. How daring the monkey! Didn't you say I'm doing it wrong?

- Why do you say that? - said the bear to the monkey- Isn't my dance talented?

In this that a pig arrived. He had been there for a while, watching, and shouted to applause:

- Bravo Bravo! What a delight, what a delight! What a great dance! Such a virtuous dancer is not just like that.

The bear, hearing that, began to laugh. And humbly he said:

- When I disapproved of the monkey, I came to doubt. But pig, if you praise me, I must dance very badly.

And it was true, because you know: if the wise man does not approve, bad. If the fool claps ... worse!

(Based on the fable of Iriarte: 'The bear, the monkey and the pig')

This fable by Tomás Iriarte was written in old Spanish and was complex for children, but with this version it becomes easier to understand. Even so, We suggest you ask your child these questions to reflect with him on the moral:

1. What was the bear doing when the monkey arrived?

2. What did the monkey say to you when the bear asked you if you danced well?

3. What did the pig say to him when he saw the bear dance?

4. Which of the two animals was telling the truth? You know why?

Fact: Remember that of the two animals that comment on the bear dance, the monkey is more agile and skilled and the pig has a somewhat clumsier gait. The monkey had more knowledge on the subject to comment.

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