The Screaming Chick. Modern fable for children who want to attract attention

The Screaming Chick. Modern fable for children who want to attract attention

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Some children love to constantly get their parents' attention, can't wait to be looked after, and create a alarm in every help they require.

These types of children are insecure children, They need us to constantly solve the problems that arise, but with this behavior they can get the opposite answer to the expected one: that we stop them from pay attention.

This is a modern fable of a chick that constantly attracts attention and the terrible consequence that he could have.

A fable with moral to teach children.

The squeaky chick She had six siblings, so Mama Hen was sometimes slow to listen to her. But he had discovered the infallible system to see him first and first.

The Squeaky Chick would throw such terrible tantrums that his mother would drop everything to see what his emergency was.

- Peep, peep, peep, help, come!

- What's up, Screamer?

- Someone has eaten my corn.

- And nothing more? I don't want you to scare me for silly stuff, you can go near the sack and thus peck what the farmer has dropped. May it be the last time you worry me so much for so little!

But Squealer continued to alarm his mother for the most insignificant reasons.

- Pííío, pííío, come quickly, help!

- What's wrong chick?

- That Pimpollo has insulted me and pecked me.

- And for that, so much urgency? - said the mother - go, make up and go swimming in the pond!

One day, the mother was talking to other chickens in a circle and she heard the chick screaming for her, but she thought it would be any nonsense and he was unfazed.

So Squealer had to run to his mother to tell her there was a fire in the barn. The chickens were able to notify the owner of the farm, who fortunately arrived in time to turn it off.

The chick after the past fear, learned to don't scare for no reason.

Moral: If when there is no danger you are an alarmist, it may be that in the emergency no one will assist you.

The child, from the age of six, must be able to read the text correctly, but also to understand it. Thereading comprehension It is part of learning to read, and it is a very important part of developing your mind.

The reading comprehension exercises will help you to know if your child has understood the fable and its moral.

- Was what the Screaming chick wanted important?

- Could he have done it alone without calling his mother?

- Why do you think he called his mother all the time?

- Why didn't your mother answer the last time the chick called her?

- What had happened to call you?

- What lesson do you think the chick learned?

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