Travel to Brussels with children. Guide for the whole family

Travel to Brussels with children. Guide for the whole family

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Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is a green, vibrant city, comfortable to walk around and relatively small, so there is little need to use transport. An ideal destination for traveling with young children.

Tasting a waffle or delicious Belgian chocolate, discovering the dozens of murals that adorn the city of comics and enjoying the lively street scene are some of the delights of a family stay in Brussels.

Brussels, the greenest city in Europe, holds the title of the greenest European capital thanks to its having the highest proportion of green areas (28%) per inhabitant. Green is the great color of Brussels and its parks and gardens are worth enjoying with the little ones.

The European Parliament and Commission, NATO and large international companies have their headquarters here in Brussels. A tour of the most European area of ​​Brussels is interesting but contrasts with the provincial atmosphere that the popular neighborhoods of the Belgian capital preserve.

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural life. Go ahead and move by bicycle, the mode of transport most used by its inhabitants; to taste its gastronomic specialties - don't miss the famous chocolate and waffles-; to visit the various museums, with many activities for children; and, above all, to live a city very prepared for families and children.

Be sure to see the famous Atomiun, the great symbol of the city that represents an atom, and to find the cute Manneken Pis statuette.

This guide will help you get to know the Belgian capital a little better and know where to eat, where to sleep, what to see or what to bring, among many other useful tips.

If you want to see photos of the monuments and places of interest in Brussels, click HERE and discover our gallery with images of the Belgian capital.

How to get there and move around Brussels. How to travel to Brussels with children and how to get around the Belgian capital. If the plane is the best way to get to Brussels, the bicycle is the best transport to get around the capital of Belgium. We teach you how to get there and move around Brussels with children. By tram, bicycle or on foot ... getting around Brussels with children is very easy.

Brussels as a family. Brussels is a very suitable city for family travel. We show you some tips to keep in mind before preparing your holidays to Brussels with children. How to prepare to travel to Brussels with children. Find out what the weather is like, what language is spoken, the currency, and everything you will need for the trip.

Monuments for children in Brussels. What to see in Brussels during a family outing with children: Atomium, Manneken Pis, the route of comic murals, Mini Europe, the most famous and lively square: Grand Place ... Tips to enjoy a trip to Brussels with your children . Ideas for walks, visits, activities to do with the children.

Activities for children in Brussels. Brussels is a great destination to travel as a family with children. There are different and varied activities to do with them in the Belgian capital. We show you the essential monuments, museums and places of interest to visit on a family trip with children. Get to know the essential places in Brussels to go with children.

Museums for children in Brussels. Brussels has many monuments and museums to visit with children. We recommend the most significant and suitable for a family trip. Museums with activities for children that will make young and old enjoy. In Brussels, there are museums of music, comics, chocolate ... for all tastes.

Brussels photo gallery.

Family restaurants in Brussels. The best restaurants to eat with children in Brussels. Where to eat in the capital of Belgium during your family vacation. We recommend the best areas to find a place to eat in Brussels. Brussels has a wide range of family restaurants. Belgian gastronomy for the family.

Family hotels in Brussels. The best hotels and apartments to sleep with children in Brussels. Where to sleep in the capital of Belgium during your family vacation. We recommend the best areas to find accommodation in Brussels. We have selected some hotels to stay in Brussels with your children.

Brussels at Christmas for children. How to enjoy a trip to Brussels with children during the Christmas holidays. Christmas with the family in Brussels. Christmas route through Brussels with Christmas activities for children. Travel to Brussels on Christmas holidays. Christmas route with children. What to do in Brussels with children during Christmas.

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