How to Treat Cat Bites in Children

How to Treat Cat Bites in Children

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In addition to dogs, due to their frequency, and snakes, due to their severity, many other animals can bite our children. For example, another of the most common household pets: the cat.

Cats, in addition to scratching, can also bite. We explain what to do in case one of these adorable felines bites your child and how to treat cat sores in children.

In fact, in all cases of animal biteThe first thing to do is treat the wound. In the case of cat bites, also:

1. Wash the wound as soon as possible and abundantly with soap and water.

2. Go to the pediatrician.

3. Gather as much information as possible about the circumstances in which the bite occurred and the vaccination status of both the victim and the aggressor.

Cat bites are second in frequency, after dog bites. A particular feature is that its infection rate is the highest among all animals (50-80% of bites become infected). This is due to the sharp teeth of cats and the fact that the hands, where the presence of bacteria is more common, are the most frequent location of the bite at any age.

In exploration scratches must be ruled out, more frequent than bites, and monitor the child for the following days or weeks for the possibility of developing a condition called Cat-scratch disease, which consists mainly of inflammation of the lymph nodes near the scratch area.

In general, cats are elusive and only attack when they feel threatened. However, his actions are also very unpredictable, so close coexistence with very young children is not recommended.

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