Childhood dyslexia treatments

Childhood dyslexia treatments

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Most of the time, children with delayed language development simply follow a somewhat slower pace, but they do not have additional difficulties and they manage to learn to read and write without problems. But there are children who manifest this learning delay as a dyslexia symptom.

Dyslexia is a disorder in the language development, writing and the ability to memorize and is treated by the speech therapist. It has a high genetic component. It is not a disease, and there is no cure, but with proper treatment, the child will be able to cope without difficulty. The pedagogue Alfonso Callejas Cabreras explains what the childhood dyslexia treatments.

From the diagnosis, how do you start and what does the treatment consist of? Normally at school the child is referred to speech therapist, who in the best of cases with great good will and professionalism works with the child and achieves achievements, but at one point slows down and fails to evolve. This is the time when many parents consider other things. The latest trends show us that in order for the child to successfully cope with the much-needed speech therapy work, we must first unblock it with a treatment at the level of psychomotor (rhythmic movements, primitive reflexes), optometry, and hearing, which will analyze not how the child perceives through the senses, but how his brain perceives information.

Are the treatments expensive? The truth is that these treatments, as they are not covered by social security or any other medical society, adding up is very up hill for families who are happy to do them when they finally see results in their children. Yes, it would be important and desirable that the administrations sensitize themselves and help families on these issues.

Will the dyslexic child need a special education? Not at the beginning. The dyslexic child in principle and treated in time. The only thing that I would need, in addition to the therapies that we have already mentioned, and that by the way should be taught within school hours like speech therapy, is propose the information to you in other ways (Not just reading and writing, which is what you cannot do.), that is, that the information reaches you through sight, hearing and in the most manipulative way possible. The dyslexic child must be taught to read and write, not simply that this should not be the basis of his learning, and that when evaluating his work, his difficulties in this aspect must be taken into account. If a diagnosis is not made in time, their self-esteem is crushed, and an adequate intervention is not carried out, the child may need a special education. But they will be the least.

Dyslexia has a cure? I ask him if a dyslexic child can have the same learning and work rate as a non-dyslexic child. No, dyslexia is not a disease, therefore it cannot be cured. As for whether he can get to have the same learning pace as the rest of his classmates, of course he can, it is only necessary that his training is not based on reading and writing exclusively, as until now in school; that the information is offered to him in a way that he can learn it, that he is properly motivated, that he is loved and feels loved in the classroom. Anyway, like anyone.

How can the family help a dyslexic child?The family is a fundamental pillar in the education of children, therefore, their participation is essential. In the first place, they have to let the child know that they love him, it is not enough to do so, you have to tell him, the child has to feeling lovely, accepted and valued within his family, as in the school itself. The family has to support the child and facilitate the performance of his therapies, accepting him naturally. And help with homework, although the latter, if things start to change at school it would not be so necessary.

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