The star of fire. Legend of Chile for children

The star of fire. Legend of Chile for children

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What would it be like the first time man saw fire? Can you imagine the reaction of the children? This beautiful story, 'The Fire Star', tells a very old and very popular legend among an indigenous people of Chile, the Mapuche people.. In it, it is told how they discovered the fire. A story full of charm that is sure to make the little ones dream.

We offer you a version of this Latin American legend to read to children. Discover with your child the 'legend of the fire star'.

Legend has it that a long, long time ago, There was a town in Chile made up of indigenous Mapuches. They lived by day, and hid in caves at night, since darkness reigned completely in every corner from sunset.

In winter they were very cold and had to eat raw food, which often caused many illnesses. They ate fruits, seeds and some animal that they managed to hunt.

But there was an indigenous of the tribe, Caleu, who dreamed of being able to leave the cave at night. He loved the starry sky and often went out to gaze at it. One of those nights, when looking at the sky, he discovered a huge fiery star with a long tail. The light was so intense that for a moment, it lit up the entire valley. Scared to death, Caleu ducked into the cave and huddled in a corner. That night he could not sleep, and decided not to say anything for fear of being called crazy.

The next day, Caleu went out to collect food with his wife and daughter. Many other fellow tribesmen also went up with them. And since winter was near, they had to gather many fruits and seeds. They worked so hard that they did not realize that the night was upon them. When they wanted to go back, it was too late. You couldn't see anything, and they didn't know which way to go, so in the end they decided to take refuge in a grotto that they found halfway

But it was just at that moment, and before entering the grotto, that Caleu and everyone else suddenly saw the huge fiery star in the middle of the sky. They were scared, and they screamed, even more when they began to notice a shower of stones, which when hitting the rocks hard, made very luminous sparks fly. One of those sparks bounced off a dry tree, and instantly, it began to burn.

Caleu and his companions stared at that huge fireball. As they got closer, they noticed that it was transmitting intense heat. They sat around the huge fire. It was such a nice feeling that they began to sing and clap!

The rest of the village, hearing the chants, left the cave, and guided by the glow of the fire, they reached the place where their friends were. Spellbound by fire, and instinctively they brought some branches to the fire, and it was then when they found that the fire was passing from one side to the other.

They returned to their cave. Each one carried a flaming torch in his hand. Arriving, Caleu explained to the rest how the stones caused the sparks that started the fire. They had just discovered fire! From then on, the Mapuches did not go cold again, nor did they hide at night. And best of all, they finally got a taste of the delicious roast beef!

Help your child develop greater reading comprehension. You can ask them these questions after reading the text to see if they understood:

1. Why did the Mapuches live hidden at night in the cave?

2. What did Caleu see in the sky one night?

3. What did the meteorite stones cause when they hit the ground?

4. How did the Mapuches discover fire?

5. What did fire allow the Mapuches to do from that moment on?

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