The spots of the toad. Legend of Uruguay for children

The spots of the toad. Legend of Uruguay for children

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Legends are very old stories, usually fanciful, that try to answer some curiosities about certain aspects of Nature or characteristics of some animals. But also, legends can also convey a number of values ​​to children.

In this case, in 'The toad's spots', the story of a very proud toad is told to alert children to the danger of lack of humility. Fantastic legend originally from Uruguay to read to children.

Legend has it that many, many years ago, the toads had no spots on their skin. They loved to jump, dive into ponds, eat flies and mosquitoes ... So far, toads were very similar to those of now. Yet their skin was a sparkling and immaculate green: not a single blemish on them.

One day, the eagle, which the toad could not even see, went to his house to invite him to a party that that night was celebrated in heaven:

- Toad, tonight there will be an incredible party in heaven. Too bad you can't come ... Sure, I could take you if you wanted to come.

- Ah, a party! Of course I'll go - said the toad- Come find me this afternoon, but come with a guitar, I really like to play it and I will teach you a few songs.

The eagle was surprised by his proposal, but agreed to take it. So that same afternoon the eagle appeared with the guitar under one wing. The toad, who had already devised a plan to be able to get to heaven without being carried away by the eagle, told him:

- Very good, Eagle, but I still haven't finished fixing myself. Why don't you go and I'll go a little later?

The eagle thought that the toad was very proud and overbearing. How would he get to heaven without their help, if he couldn't fly? So she decided that she should leave him there.

- Okay, toad, I'll wait for you there. But toad, I would not refuse my help... you don't have wings! Haha ... let's see how you get there!

And before he took flight, and without the eagle noticing, the toad jumped into the guitar, entering through the central hole.

Already in the sky, and without the eagle seeing him, the toad left the guitar. To everyone's amazement, he appeared in the midst of the clouds, and as he was very nice and sang very well, he took over the party and received applause from all the guests.

It was getting late, and the eagle offered to take the toad back. But he, all proud, rejected it.

- It is not necessary, eagle, I can already manage by myself to get to my house. I don't need your help at all.

The eagle, surprised and a little tired of the lack of humility of the toad, prepared to take flight, but when he glanced sideways he realized that the toad had jumped into his guitar.

- 'Now I understand everything!' - he thought.

The eagle decided that he should teach the toad a lesson for being proud, so when he was close to the ground, but still at a certain height, he turned the guitar over and let the toad fall. The toad struck such a blow when he fell that it covered his body with bruises. And they were so intense that they were never removed. And their children, their children's children and the children of their children's children, were born with them. DSince then, all toads have these spots on their skin.

This legend is also the transmitter of some essential values. On the one hand, explain to the children using fantasy a curiosity that toads have. On the other hand, they transmit some values ​​to them. Will they know which ones? Check it out with these questions:

1. What were toads like before?

2. What did the eagle propose to the toad?

3. What did the toad do to get to heaven?

4. What did the eagle do to teach the toad a lesson for constantly refusing his help?

5. What happened to the toad?

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