Skiing according to the child's age

Skiing according to the child's age

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The love of skiing, in general, passes from parents to children. Skiing is a sport fun that is usually practiced as a family. It is very important that children start this sport at the recommended age, since it is not possible to learn to ski until children have fully developed their motor skills.

Skiing is a sport that requires Balance. What is the best age for children to start skiing? Until the 5 years old it is not recommended to introduce children to the sport of skiing, in order to avoid injuries. We tell you how the ski according to the age of the child.

Depending on the ages, the agility of the children, more or less, is the following:

1. 2-year-old children.At this age, even if he is of considerable height, the child is still a growing baby. His motor coordination is still very limited and he will not have the control necessary to stay balanced. However, you can set contact with snow, playing with her and sliding with sleds.

2. Children 3 years of age. At 3 years the child is no longer a baby. It has a much greater motor capacity and is more agile. At this age you can not only play with the snow, but also get some balance on your skis and play to master them.

3. Children 4 years of age.4-year-olds have enormous energy, great balance, and very good motor activity. He will play with the snow, he will fall to the ground and he will want to put on his skis and learn to walk with them. The child It's already ready to have your first safe contact with skis.

4. Children 5 years of age.At this age the child already has balance and control, a sense of direction and the ability to hold a position for long periods of time. With these features, you are ready to start learning to ski.

According to most specialists, the kindergarten skiing is the best choice for children to establish a safer contact with the snow. In these white nurseries, which normally admit children between 3 and 7 years old, They organize games and other activities so that children learn to deal with the snow in a safe environment. For this, the nurseries have protection fences, ski instructors specialized and a part covered for days with bad weather.

Ski kindergartens and schools work like a normal kindergarten, with the difference that they are located in the middle of the snow. Some have courses geared for 5-year-olds. Are collective courses and children will not only learn to ski, but also to establish social relationships. The monitors make the children work on rhythm, mobility of the limbs of the body and joints, orientation in space and flexibility.

Hazards and risks there are in all sports. In skiing too. And to avoid or at least prevent serious accidents you have to be very cautious, patient and not go as fast as you would like. Children will fall many times, but they are not usually seriously injured; adults can suffer more damage, especially in the knees. Children are most affected by the head, where they can bump or cut themselves. That is why the helmet use in all ski resorts. It is also advisable that children drink a lot of water so that they do not become dehydrated and that they wear suitable clothing that shelters them well from the cold and is bright colors to locate them quickly.

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