Children's stories against fighting

Children's stories against fighting

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One of the hardest emotions to handle in young children is anger. Without a doubt, anger or frustration generates a series of emotions that explode impulsively in the little ones. We must teach children to control their anger and not to use aggressiveness with other children.

With this selection of stories, you can help your child recognize anger and find a peaceful solution to conflicts, without the need to fight. Discover the children's stories against the fights that we have prepared from our site for you.

To prevent our children from behaving violently against other children, nothing better than the use of emotional intelligence. You can help your child recognize the feeling of anger and transform it to act peacefully without resorting to violence. These stories are fantastic resources for children to realize the need for harmonious and peaceful relationships with their peers.

Here you will find short stories with values, aimed at educating children in tolerance, respect and peaceful relationships with other children. Do not stop reading them with your child and reflect together on each of the messages they transmit.

The dispute of the colors. The dispute of colors is a story with values ​​for children. Talk about jealousy, competitiveness and the value of cooperation. Use this story to transmit values ​​to children.

The boy and the nails. The boy and the nails is a children's story that talks about the consequences of children's temper and temper. An experience for children to reflect on their bad reactions. You can use this story to help your child understand what happens when he is unable to channel his anger.

The head of colors. Story about envy to read to children and explain the harm can cause this horrible feeling to them and to others. Story about emotions to read with children. How to teach values ​​to children through stories.

The two roosters. Tell the fable 'The two roosters' to your children and teach them the value of humility and modesty. A Fable by La Fontaine to promote children's reading. It is a short story that through a moral or message teaches what can happen when someone is arrogant and arrogant.

The two friends. La Fontaine's fables contain important teachings for the education of children. Fable of the two friends to educate children in values ​​and encourage reading.

The children of the farmer. The farmer's children fought over everything. This fable with a moral teaches children the value of solidarity, that is, when two or more people come together and collaborate mutually to achieve a common goal.

The two goats. The fable of The Two Goats, by Aesop, tells the story of two goats who fled their respective herds to go in search of freedom and adventure. This fable speaks of the consequences that the two goats experienced because of how stubborn and headstrong they were. Tell your child this story and talk about stubbornness and stubbornness.

The good wolf and the bad wolf. How to teach the child to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. our site offers you this wise legend 'The good wolf and the bad wolf'. The 'Fight of the Wolves? is a legend of the Cherokee Indians for children to learn to differentiate the good from the bad. Stories and fables for your children.

The two rabbits. The fable of 'The two rabbits', by Tomás de Iriarte, warns children about the importance of not getting carried away by details and paying attention to what is really important. Faced with a problem to be solved, the most important thing is not to lose focus on what is really important and not get carried away by unimportant details.

The bunnies you didn't know how to respect. The story of The Bunnies Who Didn't Know How to Respect explains to children what happens when they humiliate and criticize other children or animals without thinking about the harm they cause them. A fantastic story full of values ​​that will make your child reflect on the importance of the value of respect.

The arrows of the warrior. I have values ​​that speak to us of peace and non-violence. How to teach children the meaning of the value of Peace. Short story with values ​​about Peace.

The die that pacified my board. Children's story that talks about the concept of Peace and teaches children why it is important. La Paz is a common goal of millions of people. The sooner we teach children how important it is, the better.

It does not stick. Short stories are an excellent tool for teaching children not to hit their siblings. We propose you a story entitled No stick that talks about fights between siblings. It is an educational resource to teach children to manage anger and anger.

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