Colecting with the baby when you have a new partner

Colecting with the baby when you have a new partner

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Co-sleeping or sleeping with the baby in the same bed is a topic that we have talked about more than once on our site, since it arouses a lot of interest as there are many arguments in favor of this practice and many arguments against it. . The scientific community respects the practice of co-sleeping but generally does not recommend it. It is a very controversial topic!

Furthermore, the situation becomes even more complicated when the parents are separated or divorced and have started a new relationship with another person. In these cases, is it good for the baby to continue sleeping in the double bed with his mother and his new partner? Should you collide with the baby when you have a new partner?

The most advisable thing is that the baby does not share a bed with his parents until he is at least 20 weeks old since there are many risks to the baby's health.

But, if we also have a new partner, it is even more recommended that the baby does not share a bed with the partner. And that Only share a bed with adults during breastfeeding or at very specific times. Next, we offer arguments in favor:

- The couple's relationship can be deteriorated by lack of privacy.

- If we have a new partner, it is possible that they have not yet established any emotional bond with our child, so they probably do not support this practice and share a bed with the baby will cause discomfort or discomfort.

- The quality of sleep of the baby and that of the adults who share a bed with him may be reduced.

- The child's sleep can be interrupted at night as a result of heat, movements, noises, coughs or snoring emitted by adults with whom they share a bed. Co-sleeping makes the baby more likely to have a shallow and interrupted sleep.

- Sleeping with the baby increases the risk of sudden infant death by 5. Crushing or suffocation at night is possible if we sleep with the babies in the same space. And, this can happen more frequently if one of the adults with whom you share the bed is not used to this situation and, therefore, is probably not so cautious at night.

- Sharing a bed with the baby and the new partner we have is a new situation that implies that all three people have to adapt to it, especially the person who for the first time faces this practice. This can put stress on the mother, the baby and the new person with whom we have started a relationship.

In short, if we have started a relationship with a new person, it is best for the baby to sleep in an independent crib. This crib can be placed next to us to make it easier for us to breastfeed and supervise him during the night. But, this way the baby would have its own space and the couple could enjoy more intimacy. In this way, it is more unlikely that the sleep of the baby and the couple will be disturbed.

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