Children's songs. Children's songs

Children's songs. Children's songs

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. brings us a selection of the best nursery rhymes. Learn the lyrics of the best songs for children and sing with your children. Music brings great benefits for children: it helps children develop language skills, increases their self-esteem, and awakens their joy. In addition, music brings children closer to other children and their family.

Each one of us has that song impregnated in his memory that helped us to multiply, to memorize some concept, that told us a fable or that simply helped us to share and enjoy a daily moment with family and friends. Thinking about it, our site has selected several songs to help parents teach them to their children.

We have also selected nursery rhyme videos recommended by parents so you can enjoy and dance with your child. And if you or a family member knows another children's song, do not stop sending us to: New children's song!

Here you have a list of the songs that children and babies like the most, a list of popular songs for you to sing as a family. To sing!

Always songs. We have selected the most popular and favorite children's songs. Always known songs to learn and sing with children. These are traditional song lyrics that have passed from father to son and that you can now sing with your own.

Traposo's children's songs. Nursery rhymes entertain and educate children, help them develop psychologically, and by dancing they also improve their coordination. With Traposo songs your child can sing and dance and have fun. Teach your child music with the help of our mascot.

Short songs. On our site we offer you a selection of short, easy and fun songs for children. They will be able to learn them in a simple way since they are short and very catchy songs. Know the lyrics of short songs for children, easy to learn. A compilation of short children's songs perfect for the children and babies of the house.

Animal songs. Children love animal songs, they not only help them get to know the animal kingdom better but also expand their vocabulary. On our site we offer you some of the most popular animal songs for children.

Songs to dance. On our site we offer you a selection of nursery rhymes with which children can dance while singing so that in addition to having fun they will be doing physical exercise almost without realizing it.

Rag Bear Karaoke. Ragged Bear Karaoke. Children's songs. Karaoke is an ideal formula for children to have fun, entertain themselves and learn. Traposo Bear, presents the karaoke of the children's songs that children like the most.

Songs about dads. Don't miss out on these children's songs dedicated to dads. You will find children's song lyrics that talk about parents. We offer you a list of fun and happy children's songs whose protagonists are the parents. They are songs to sing to dad on Father's Day.

Lap songs. Lap games and songs were already used by our grandmothers with their babies to strengthen the bond between mother and child, to establish personal communication between them, to stimulate interaction with their baby or to enhance eye contact and child learning. through him.

Lullabies. 12 lullabies in videos, for babies and children. Children's songs for your children to better sleep. Lullabies for children to go to sleep and have happy dreams. Selection of beautiful lullabies and lullabies for your baby.

Songs about moms. Traditional songs for children that talk about moms. Children's musical themes. Songs for Mother's Day. Tribute to mothers.

School songs. Learn the lyrics of the 9 school songs most known to children. Remember the nursery rhymes that were always sung in the classroom. They are good morning songs, goodbye songs, songs to learn or simply for children to dance and have a fun time.

Christmas songs. Christmas songs to make the Christmas night more cheerful and lively with the children. The Christmas carols most sung by children. our site has selected the best Christmas songs for the whole family and friends to share messages of hope and peace.

Songs in English. Songs in English for children. Traditional, educational, animal or choreographed children's songs for children to learn English. Learn English with children through music and songs.

Songs in French. Children's songs are a great vehicle for children to become familiar with another language and learn new vocabulary. At Guiainfantil we offer you several popular French songs for your children to learn the language.

Songs to learn instrument. On our site we propose an original idea for children to learn different musical instruments: with songs. Your children can learn what a guitar looks like and what it sounds like through these fun songs. Also the triangle or the drum.

Both the lyrics and the rhythm of children's songs are very beneficial for the social, educational and emotional development of children, from birth. Discover all the advantages of singing and learning song lyrics with children. The songs:

- Improve children's memory

- Increase vocabulary and motivate children's language

- They convey emotional security and confidence

- Stimulate attention and concentration

- They help foster positive feelings and emotions in children

- They educate hearing and children's sensitivity

- They favor sharing a moment with the family and making them happy

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