In search of the planet. Stories about space for children

In search of the planet. Stories about space for children

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With this story we will be able to explain to the children the importance of caring for and respecting our planet, and what could happen if we don't.

A positive story with hope but that makes us reflect on how catastrophic it would be for planet Earth to disappear, and how important it is to be at peace with all the other beings in the universe.

Discover new planets and its inhabitants with this tale about space.

More than 5,000 years ago the earth was not habitable because man had exhausted his resources.

Thanks to the help of the Manotuis, little aliens very playful and affectionate, the human being had found the Taconin galaxy, full of millions of small planets where he now lived happily caring for and respecting the nature of the soil that had welcomed him.

Every year the galaxy was celebrated on Planet Election Day with a great party in which the Manotuis and humans, who graduated from school, chose a planet on which they would live and for which they would be responsible.

Tomás was very nervous. He had visited many of the planets offered, but did not know which to choose. There were different colors, without gravity, with an infinite sea, with an eternal forest, with many moons, with animals or without them, holes, with tropical or desert climates ... Finally after asking friends and family and thanks to the adventures that his grandfather had told him about his ancestors on Earth, the explorers; Thomas chose to choose the little one Bouoktain planet which was full of mountains (big and small, snowy, steep ...)

Tomás would soon move into his new home, but he knew before that he had some renovations to do in Bouoktain. I had to add some river to have water and some animals and plants that he would need for his subsistence. To do this, the Manotuis had taught him that he must crash your planet with that of a neighbor who had those resources and tell him a joke. If the neighbor laughed, the exchange was complete.

The Taconin galaxy sounded like laughter and laughter. And Tomás, during all those exchanges, learned to care for and value what he had and acquired, to be in solidarity with his neighbors and share resources ... but above all, life must be filled with laughter.

We leave you some simple questions to find out if your son has understood the story from In search of the planet and the importance of caring for our planet.

Reading comprehension is one of the first steps for the child to become fond of reading.

- Where did humans live?

- What do you think happened on planet Earth so that humans could not live there?

- Who had helped humans to settle on another planet?

- Where did Tomás choose to take his family?

- What was missing from that planet?

- Do you think that from then on I would take care of that planet? why?

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