Game ideas for kids on rainy days

Game ideas for kids on rainy days

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The rain forces parents and children to stay at home with the boredom that this can bring in the little ones. Therefore, we are going to give guidelines and ideas to do with children on days when the rain makes any outdoor activity impossible.

It is not difficult to take time out to have fun with the children at home, there are many games to have fun in the company of the little ones. So bad weather good face. We give you some game ideas for children on rainy days.

1. Board games: Parcheesi, Trivial, Monopoly. Any game is valid, always depending on the age of the child of course. You always have a game of these somewhere in the house and it's time to dust it off, and if not, there are also versions for Tablets.

2. Play the game console together: We will have to choose the right video game in order to share the gaming experience with our child. It is important that there is communication and teamwork, for example playing a sports game both on the same team, there is nothing like that spontaneous hug after a goal has been scored. It should be taken into account that video games increase the pulsations and the level of stress so it is advisable to stop using them at least an hour and a half before going to bed.

3. Camping at home: Nothing children like more than setting up camp. Engeniate them as you can, take sheets and chairs that act as support. If you want you can turn off the light and go into the store with flashlights, stories and something to eat. Guaranteed fun.

4. Draw and color: Take out all the paintings and let your child unleash his imagination. If it is smaller you can opt for the coloring books. Paint or color with your child, share the colors, help him in what you can and if you want to have an even more fun time covering your eyes to draw, the results will not leave you indifferent.

5. Homemade rain gauge: Explain to your child what the water process is like and discover together the exciting world of meteorology. Open the window and find out where the wind is coming from and with what force. Place a cube so you know how much water it collects and if you have an outside thermometer you can record the temperature. Even if it doesn't rain, you can turn it into a ritual and study the variations of the weather.

6. Fun cooking: Baking is the easiest and most fun thing to do with children. Let your imagination fly, make cookies with different shapes and colors, not only will you spend a great time sharing their manufacture, you will also put on your boots once they come out of the oven.

7. Carnival: Paint your face, make masks, wigs, everything is allowed and between the preparation of the fancy dress and the after party you will have had a wonderful afternoon full of dreams and fun.

8. Fashion show: Wear the most extravagant, let your child wear whatever he wants, swap clothes, do a session of make-up and show off like professionals, take photos like models and have fun. They are unique moments and memories for a lifetime.

9. Play: Create as many more characters as possible, distribute the roles and have fun like never before sharing unique moments with your child. Rehearse until everything is correct and you perform your masterpiece. One piece of advice, record the performance on video, see you all as a family and working as a team "from the outside" is a source of pride and surely the laughter is more than guaranteed.

10. Watch a movie: Who nowadays doesn't like animated films? Drop everything and enjoy a movie that your child likes for a little over an hour. Get involved, leave the phone for a while, discuss with your child the situations in the movie and enjoy it, the laughter and emotion are also better shared.

11. Read a book: An appropriate reading should be chosen depending on age. If the child is young, help him learn to read, comment and review each of the illustrations, there is no rush to go to the next page, for children every detail becomes a universe to explore.

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