How children celebrate Father's Day

How children celebrate Father's Day

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The Father's day it is a celebration that varies from country to country. In some parts of the world there is no special celebration for Father's Day and in others, instead, it becomes a holiday in which the whole family takes advantage of to celebrate this important day with family, parents and children. What is clear is that children love this party. Do you want to know how children celebrate Father's Day?

The father's voice brings security, confidence, establishes limits in his behavior and brings serenity. The father figure is powerful in children's emotions. It is for this reason that all dads have a special day every year on the calendar to celebrate this date with the whole family.

But, How do children celebrate Father's Day in different countries of the world? Although the day does not coincide (In Spain, for example, it is celebrated on March 19 and in some Latin American countries in June), it is clear that the feeling with which the little ones celebrate Father's Day is the same, but How do children celebrate Father's Day in different countries of the world?

- In Germany, for example, there are two celebrations. On the one hand, Vatertag, which is celebrated every year 40 days after Holy Week and is considered a national holiday, while Herrentag, It is a tradition in which all men, both adults and children, celebrate the day by climbing the mountain and savoring the traditional food of the country.

- Do you know how the tradition of celebrating Father's Day (the French get together in June) came to be? Apparently, a group of lighter manufacturers came up with the idea that one day children could give away a lighter from their factory and that is how, for many years, this tradition was maintained. Now, it has evolved a lot and has acquired influence from other countries, but in some houses it still remains.

- In Latin America parents are not the only protagonists of this celebration. Children celebrate this special day with their parents, grandparents, and uncles. The month chosen to celebrate with the family is June.

- In SpainOn March 19, children give their parents small crafts that they have been in charge of making for weeks. Traditionally, many Spanish families take the opportunity to go out to eat, and enjoy the outdoors of a beautiful family day with their children.

- In Australia, that the date has been set for the first Sunday in September, there is a somewhat curious tradition. There is a State, that of La Victoria (made up of 32 municipalities), which is where the most important celebration takes place and is the election of the best father in the community.

- At UK the children give their parents a very special gift: a flower! Hence, it looks a bit like what is done around the world with Valentine's Day. Oh, and another detail, the flowers are accompanied with chocolates and cakes.

All the children of the world live with intensity and emotion the arrival of Father's Day preparing weeks before the gift that they will give them with so much love that day. They usually do it at school, although you can also improvise something at home. Do you want to read some ideas? Take note!

The parents They are essential every day, but especially on that date, children go out of their way for their parents. To give a gift you do not need an expensive or very elaborate detail, nothing better than something manual.

- Breakfast ideas
A good way to surprise him would be to prepare him a good breakfast, so that the protagonist of the day can start that morning on the right foot. An alternative could be for children to prepare delicious muffins or delicious cookies themselves, parents are sure to love it.

- Photo frame crafts
Another option that we propose for the little ones is to make a manual photo frame for Father's Day and place a photo to immortalize a special moment in the lives of both. It is very simple and beautiful. An original photo frame made with many hearts, and from the heart by children.

- Recite a poem
We can't think of a better tribute that your children can do to their father than a poem. It will have to be an easy one, that is easy for them to memorize and that contains an emotional message. Your partner will cry with excitement!

- Sing a song
For the more funky families and for those who use music as a tool to express their feelings and emotions, this proposal is perfect. What if you write a song for dad with everything he means to you?

And, something that all parents melt with, one of these phrases written in the handwriting of their little ones to accompany their greeting card. What if this year we innovate and it is found written on the screen door with a magnet?

1. 'A father is one who cares, loves and protects his children until the end of their days.'

2. 'A father is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love.'

3. 'Dad, I admire your strength, your love and your bravery. Happy Father's Day!'.

4. 'I have an invincible hero, his name is Dad'.

5. 'I know we will always be united. Thank you for your care!'.

6. 'I want to take advantage of this special day to confess one thing: I love you!'

7. 'What I like most about you is that you care more about what I like than what is good for me.'

8. 'I carry you deep inside me like a star that never goes out'.

9. 'Sometimes the poorest man leaves the greatest inheritance to his children.'

10. 'When I am wrong you help me, when I doubt you advise me and whenever I call you you are by my side. Thanks Dad'.

11. 'When I was little I always saw you as big. Now when I grow up I have realized that you are a giant. '

12. 'For the most loyal, selfless and sincere friend I have. Best of all: dad. '

13. 'On Father's Day I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.'

14. 'Today the king of the house is you.'

15. 'For making me laugh when I'm sad. Happy Father's Day!'.

16. 'Father there is only one and like you none'.

17. 'A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy. A father is the one who gives love. '

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