How to teach children to rhyme

How to teach children to rhyme

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Poetry is a literary genre that expresses beauty through words and is made up of stanzas Y verses. According to the number of syllables that they have the verses and their disposition, we will name it one way or another.

The rhyme It is the total or partial repetition of sounds in two or more verses starting from the last stressed vowel. For example, a sonnet is a poem that has 14 hendecasyllable verses (11 syllables) and consonant rhyme, distributed in two stanzas of four lines and two of three. Does it seem complicated? We show you how to teach children to rhyme in an easy and fun way.

I particularly believe that poetry, especially if it is aimed at the world of children, should carry a clear message and be written in simple language, without falling into kitsch. Does anyone not understand Federico García Lorca when he speaks to us in these verses?

The lizard is crying.
The lizard is crying.

The lizard and the lizard
with little white aprons.

Have lost without wanting
his ring of betrothed.

I am sure that you all remember some poetry that you were taught when you were little, because what you learn in rhymed poetry, either by musicality or the cadence of the verses, it is much better retained in memory, and with poetry, I also refer to songs, stories, riddles, tongue twisters, etc., that is why I think it is one of the best resources we have at our disposal to that the children learn by playing.

Do you want to have a good time with your children? I leave you one of my poems 'Rimar es muy Divertido': it is about playing to put words that rhyme where the ellipsis appear. (In the last line is the solution, the words of the original poem). Encourage your children to find the rhymes.


Rhyming is fun

and also entertaining,

if you want to have fun,

I encourage you to rhyme with me.

Search for a name from rabbit

rhyme well

if you are looking for the name of frog,

rhymes with

To name the mouse,

and rhyme for elephant

looks very good

and for the second

Rhyme words,listens!

with hat Y pencil,

sure you find

raise your finger

While rhyming with shirt

I am telling you my name,

they know me for

And you'll see that I'm rhyming

And now it rhymes with me

with the word spoon,

it's an easy word

Don't give me that

Rhyming is so much fun

and also entertaining,

if you want to continue rhyming

I keep rhyming with you.

Words from the original poem: Almendralejo, Ana, Mariana, Melitón, Dante, many, first, Marisa, face.

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