Why dictation has to be a mandatory exercise for children

Why dictation has to be a mandatory exercise for children

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Dictation has been part of the school curriculum for years. Teachers from different eras have relied on them to set grammar and spelling rules for children.

However, in recent times dictations seem secondary in the digital age with so much screen. For that teacher who forgets it and has relegated dictations in the day-to-day life of their students, we remind you why dictation should be a mandatory exercise for children.

I don't know how many times this question arose ... how could those texts so iconic for our culture have prevailed for so long? I think of the character or the community that kept the texts like 'La Iliada' alive; in that group of students who were able to take note of Aristotle's lectures and record them both in the 'Metaphysics'; or the Hebrew community that - by oral tradition and later in writing - has kept its sacred book known as "The Torah" in force.

All these texts required a methodology so that their content and vital force were maintained over time. And when I decided to keep that doubt in the trunk of the forgotten, a good teacher made me fall in love with dictations again; reminding me that this resource was vital for so many texts and works to be maintained over time.

But why is it so important today? There was, in some moments of our reality, a total disregard for dictation for children, considering her an illustrious daughter of the ancient pedagogies. Today it has been re-implemented in the classrooms on a compulsory basis - both in France and in Spain - since its real meaning and the advantages it offers for the training of skills in young people have been revalued. However, it is valid to ask: how can we as parents favor this new position of dictations. Bring this practice into our home so that it can be an effective strategy.

- This technique requires maximum attention from children, because it places everyone in a situation of attention since they know in this action is a way to evaluate spelling. So it must redouble your efforts to express your writing correctly. Therefore, the father must also pay attention to developing correct communication with his son.

- Words, objects for which you want to use them as tools for your attention, can be handled as you want. That invites us to present it in many forms: in songs, in many shades, playing with the rhythm, etc. Remember that to inton a message through the active feeling - according to Neuroscience - the child's desire to want to learn and get involved in the study.

- Parents, within their daily life, can be a factor that reinforces the work that the school does both academically and in training. Through dictation, information can be offered to convey values, respect for another or care for a person who transmits a message.

- This assessment of the dictation can be a source that allows promote certain skills in young people. One of them is to fall in love with the same language and good written expression. For this reason, it would be interesting to re-soak up those people who transmitted these messages with creativity and passion, because by this inspiration one moves to want to transmit that living energy that exists in the texts.

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