Saint Ricardo's Day, April 3. Names for boys

Saint Ricardo's Day, April 3. Names for boys

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Ricardo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin which means 'brave king'. It is a name that denotes firmness and distinction, so it can be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is neither old-fashioned nor eccentric, so it is ideal if you want to escape from the strident names. Celebrate your name day on April 3, which is the day of San Ricardo.

By the meaning of his name, Ricardo implies a restless, dynamic and adventurous character. With an overwhelming and magnetic personality and a great capacity for effort, Ricardo presents himself as the perfect leader, capable of solving any conflict and inspiring energy to those around him. In addition, due to his protective tendency, Ricardo is not afraid to assume responsibilities and commitments.

The name Ricardo is not one of the most frequent, but it is also very familiar and not at all strange. It is also used in the rest of the world with variants such as Rikard or Richard, from which the well-known diminutives Rick, Ricky, Richie and Dick derive, all of them perfect for naming your child in a more affectionate way and that are very popular.

The first historical character that comes to mind when we hear the name of your son is Richard I the Lionheart, King of England in S. XII surrounded by endless legends. Although very relevant to today's society was the English economist David Ricardo, a forerunner of macroeconomic theories.

Today we know many celebrities who are named after your son. Like the actors Richard Gere, Richard Burton or Richard Chamberlain. We also meet the Spanish basketball player Ricky Rubio, who reaps great successes in the NBA and we cannot forget the figure of the Puerto Rican singer who, despite not being called Ricardo, adopts his diminutive in the form of Ricky Martin.

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