The song of the sparrow. Children's poetry about friendship

The song of the sparrow. Children's poetry about friendship

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Friends, good friends, help us, understand, listen and accompany us in the different stages of life. Learning how to take care of them and not hurt them is essential to create a good relationship that will last for many years.

But how do you teach the value of friendship to children? So that children understand why friends are so important, we suggest you read this with your children children's poetry about friendship: The song of the sparrow.

This short poem for children talks about a little sparrow who did not know how to sing but was very lucky to have some excellent friends who were honest with him and helped him improve.

A sparrow went out of tune

singing every morning,

his friends listened to him

from a nearby branch.

One day they went to see him

and without wanting to offend,

they told him they thought

that he didn't sing very well.

«Although you have a good voice,

when you sing out of tune »,

They said without malice.

without wanting to hurt their esteem.

We are all your friends

if you like to sing so much,

Why don't you go to the goldfinch

and do you take singing lessons?

The sparrow without getting angry

went to class with the goldfinch,

every day happy

always came first.

I always sang happy

every day something learned,

with determination and determination

it got better every day.

The Professor Goldfinch

that his enthusiasm saw,

taught him new trills

when the day dawned.

In a singing class

singing a song,

so well the bird sang

that excited the teacher.

For having good friends

went to class with the goldfinch,

and today everyone is going to hear it,

your friends first.

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