My baby falls asleep on the breast, has he had enough to eat?

My baby falls asleep on the breast, has he had enough to eat?

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Does your baby fall asleep at the breast while you are breastfeeding? Are you worried that you are not eating enough from falling asleep? The truth is that for most babies falling asleep during feeding is totally normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

Babies are physiologically prepared to fall asleep at the breastWe know this due to the composition of breast milk and the hormonal response of babies when breastfeeding: it produces great relaxation and induces them to sleep.

Although it should not be worrying that the baby falls asleep at the breast, it is true that there are certain circumstances to which we must pay more attention:

- In newbornsEspecially during the first days of life, the ideal is skin-to-skin contact with the mother, so that the baby can be breastfed with little need to wake up. It is important to be attentive to hunger signals and crying is a late signal, since before crying the baby usually tells us that he wants to breastfeed by moving his head to the sides, sticking his tongue out, or looking for the nipple almost without opening the eyes. If you are not going to be near your baby to be able to observe those early signs, it is advisable that every 3-4 hours you put him near you so that he can smell you, smell your breast and suckle if he needs to without having to wake up and cry.

- There are no "lazy" babies who do not suck, the survival instinct prevails in any baby, and yes or yes they will try to suck and feed. What do exist are babies who do not suck properlyEither due to a physical problem or a posture problem. In these cases, it costs them much more work than it should be to be able to express the milk they need, and it is true that they can become exhausted and fall asleep without having had enough milk. If so, in addition to observing that the baby falls asleep in all feedings, we will also see other problems: pain in the nipples, obstructions or mastitis, low weight in the baby ...

Most babies also close their eyes and stop sucking for a few minutes, which does not mean that they have finished nursing. You can leave the baby latched on to your breast even if he appears to be asleep, there is nothing wrong with that and you will probably find that he sucks again from time to time.

Every baby is unique, and the general guidelines don't work for everyone. Follow your instinct.

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