10 short names for girls

10 short names for girls

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Not always the easy one to choose the baby's name. There are parents who do not agree because one wants to follow the family tradition and another prefers to innovate with the name. In any case, the goal is to find a nice name that fits your girl's personality.

To find the best name for your girl, you can always resort to short names, those short and simple but forceful names, ideal to reinforce the personality of your girl. Maybe the perfect name is on this list of 10 short names for girls.

1. Agnes. This simple and traditional name is one of the most attractive for girls. With a Greek origin and a meaning of purity, its brevity does not prevent the name from coming loaded with strength and personality.

2. Lara. It is a name for a girl that exudes delicacy and inspires calm. It has a Latin origin and comes from mythology roman where the Lares gods were the protectors of the home.

3. Eva. This name of Hebrew origin has been transmitted to us through the biblical accounts in the image of the first woman. Its popularity remains unchanged and oblivious to fashions and trends, probably because of the energy it transmits.

4. Rita. In principle it was the diminutive of a flower name of Greek origin, Daisy flower. However, time was giving this hypocoristic its own entity until it became one of the most beautiful names for girls.

5. Zoe. This name stands out for its simplicity and its universality. Have a greek origin and a meaning that speaks of life. There are many who equate him to the name of Eva. In any case, it is a name with personality that can be perfect for your girl.

6. Sara. In the meaning of this original name Hebrew there is a princess. It belongs to that group of names of biblical characters that are always in fashion and that do not lose freshness with the passage of time.

7. Nora. With an uncertain origin, Nora's name was originally the hypocoristic of different names such as Honora or Eleonora. It is the same case as Rita, who finally ends up falling more in love with him. diminutive than the name itself. The result is a short, sophisticated and elegant girl's name.

8. Ana. This name of origin Hebrew and coming from the biblical tradition is another of those traditional names that never go out of style. It admits infinite combinations, although when it goes alone it gains in energy and character.

9. Light. Among the short names are many concepts, as with this original name Latin so bright and radiant. Luz is a simple name that brings a delicate and elegant touch, so personal that it remains oblivious to trends.

10. Mar. Again a concept turned into a name of Latin origin. They are names so ingrained in the tradition that they find it impossible to lose places in the lists of frequent names. And there are no modern names that can with the popularity of the usual names.

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