A cloud in a bottle. Fun science experiment for kids

A cloud in a bottle. Fun science experiment for kids

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Science can be fascinating for children if we can bring it closer in a practical and fun way. For example, Do you know how to explain to your child how clouds form? With an experiment!

We teach you how to create a cloud inside a bottle so you can explain to your child how clouds form. It is a very simple experiment, for which you need very few things and that you can also do in a short time. The result is really fascinating. Pay attention and create a cloud in a bottle with your child. You will love it!

  • A glass or plastic bottle
  • A cork or duct tape
  • Alcohol
  • An air pump

The truth is that this experiment is very simple and didactic. Plus, your child will have a lot of fun creating their own cloud. Here's how to do it:

1. You must first open your bottle and pour some alcohol into it. A couple of teaspoons will do.

2. Now turn the bottle so that the inside is completely covered with alcohol. In addition, this way you help the alcohol begin to evaporate inside the bottle. Give it several turns and make sure the alcohol permeates the whole bottle well inside. Remember, alcohol also releases a number of molecules. It can be done with water, yes, but it will take longer to create your cloud. This is a much faster way to do it.

3. Close the bottle with the cork. You can use duct tape, but it should be tightly closed. If some air escapes, you won't be able to create your cloud.

4. Now we have to pump air into the bottle. Use your air pump with which you inflate the balls. Also, to better see the cloud, I recommend that you put some color underneath, since the cloud will be white. It can be a sheet of eva rubber or a colored cloth.

5. Squeeze your air pump tight against the opening of the bottle. And firefighter air, about 10 times… Count and you will notice that your bottle is full of air. So, it's time, you must drop the bomb quickly.

You already have your cloud !!

The reason for using alcohol in this experiment is that evaporates before water. Molecules of alcohol quickly permeate into the bottle. You can do the experiment with water, but it will take longer to get your cloud.

By pumping air, you made the molecules that make up alcohol disperse. When you quickly removed your pump, you released the pressure, the air was cooled and the water or alcohol vapor condensed creating droplets. The moisture condenses and the cloud is created! What you see is the water vapor inside the air… And the clouds are basically that: condensed water vapor.

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