The mucous plug in pregnancy and childbirth

The mucous plug in pregnancy and childbirth

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What is a mucocus plug? The mucous plug is a thick brownish substance that keeps the cervix sealed throughout pregnancy. Is a barrier for baby protection. The mucous plug can be expelled weeks, days, or hours before delivery. If it is secreted at the end of pregnancy, it is a sign that labor is getting closer and closer.

The cap consists of a 90% water and the rest of glycoproteins, molecules made up of a protein linked to several carbohydrates, and which are secreted by the cervical canal. The function of the mucous plug in pregnancy is to prevent germs from entering the uterus that can travel up the cervix and cause infection.

You will notice that you have expelled the mucous plug because you have a viscous, thick brown discharge. If you have a more abundant blood loss, you will have to go to the hospital, but you do not have to go to the maternity ward if only the mucous plug detaches.

There are women who do not realize of the loss of the mucous plug and that they even confuse it with the flow that occurs more abundantly during the third trimester of pregnancy.

The loss of the mucous plug can occur a week or two before delivery, hours before or during the dilation process. Therefore, it is an indication that delivery is near, but is not the trigger for labor Nor is it a symptom that labor has started.

If you expel the mucous plug days before the contractions begin, it is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse and swimming in the pool to avoid infections from outside.

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