The sun dances with the moon. Short poems for children

The sun dances with the moon. Short poems for children

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We invite you to read this beautiful nursery rhyme. It's about a short poem for children which tries to stimulate the imagination of children. Invite the children to dream of a sun and moon coming to life.

These short poems help children to foster their love of reading, while also acquiring new vocabulary and stimulating their creativity. You can read this beautiful poem with your children before bed and leave them with that beautiful idea in their mind of the moon and the sun dancing illuminated by the stars.

Children, almost without knowing it, approach poetry from a very young age, either through songs or small rhyming sayings. You can also read poems like this "The sun dances with the moon"with them so that they learn to love poetry.

On the horizon the Sun

is looking at the moon

how does flirt look

eyelashes and nails.

Carmine is given on the lips

when he walks out the door.

The Sun wears a bow tie

They are celebrating in heaven!

They dance together in circles

first a waltz, then a tango,

so as not to fall the moon

pick up the long dress.

Shine in the radiant sky

the stars illuminate it,

that's why the sun whispers

that tonight is very beautiful.

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