11 essential rules to protect your child from being kidnapped

11 essential rules to protect your child from being kidnapped

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They are not isolated and strange events, in the newspapers we frequently read stories of missing children, children who were captured by strangers and who either never appeared, or the worst outcome occurred and turned up dead.

As true as there are alienated people looking for children to kidnap them, we must teach our children to protect themselves from them. It is therefore essential to know these 11 basic rules to protect your child from being kidnapped and ensure their safety.

Do you remember any case of a missing child? Several are likely to come to mind. Surely their parents never imagined that something like this would happen to them, as we do not and, although we believe that we take all measures to keep our children safe, it does not hurt to know these methods to protect our children from being kidnapped.

1. Do not identify your child's backpack with his name. Any stranger could see you, call you and make you think they know you. It is preferable to attach a card on it with your phone number so that, in case it gets lost, whoever finds it can call.

2. Make it clear to your child that if someone tells him "don't tell your mother or your father"This is precisely the indication that they should tell you what is happening or what they have been told.

3. The password: one of the "tricks" that kidnappers use is to tell children that their parents have asked them to pick them up from school and take them with them, they can make up any excuse, generally good excuses that convince the children. To avoid this, agree with your child a password, if you have really sent a friend to look for him, that friend will tell him the password and the child will know that you have sent him. Otherwise you should immediately shout for help.

4. Running from a car in the opposite direction: if a car pulls up next to them, they need to know not only that they shouldn't talk to strangers or answer their questions, much less get into the car. The rule of thumb is that if a car starts to follow you it should run in the opposite direction as this will help you buy time and ask for help.

5. Scream: Make your child aware so that they lose their fear of yelling and ask for help if they feel intimidated by someone. At these times it can bite, scratch or kick. Anything is valid to attract the attention of others and let them know that something is not right.

6. Never open the door: If your child is old enough to be home alone for a while, remind him of the golden rule, "never open the door to strangers", not even a crack. Even if he says he's only going to check the gas, or that he has an important letter. No matter how insistent he may be, he should never open it and, if he is persistent, the child should notify his parents.

7. Emergency button: on the market there are a variety of watches, bracelets or pendants that have a built-in emergency button. Through the mobile, parents can not only monitor the location of our children but also, if they are in danger, we can know it immediately, even the warning can reach the police.

8. Conversations: You must teach your child that he is not obliged to talk to people he does not know, it is important that he knows that he must also maintain a physical distance with the person. If he breaks it and gets too close, you can take a step back without fear of being unfriendly. You can practice at home so that the child feels more secure.

9. Elevator: If your child is old enough to go up alone in the elevator, he should know that if a stranger enters the building and does not feel comfortable, he can either entertain himself at the mailbox or come out again as if he had forgotten something or else tell them "my parents They say I must go up alone. "

10. Tracking app: If you already have a mobile, install a tracking application that will tell you where your child is at all times.

11. Never give information: educate your child for the correct use of the Internet and social networks, it is something that is talked about a lot but it is necessary to insist that children should not give information online about themselves or their family.

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