Pepito the agapornis. Children's story about freedom

Pepito the agapornis. Children's story about freedom

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This children's story, Pepito the agapornis, is about a girl who has a lovebird parrot as her pet, however, one day the parrot decides to fly and regain its freedom.

East children's story about freedom It is perfect for talking with our children about what freedom means and how to use it without interfering with that of others.

Cristina enjoyed every day the company of her small and colorful parrot. Pepito, which was the name of the lovebird, would go out into the garden with her, go up and down from one floor to another chasing her throughout the house, snuggle into her mane, peck at her head and hide in the collar of her shirt looking for petting. The parrot flew, played, ate, went from one place to another almost with complete freedom and, when he got tired, he went into the cage that remained with the door open to be there quietly.

One day when Cristina came home from school she called Pepito, but the parrot did not come to her call as he always used to.

Cristina started calling him around the house:

- Pepito! Where are you Pepito? He whistled loudly to get her attention.

- Fiuuuuuuuu, fiiuuuuuuuuu ...

As Cristina did not appear, she began to worry.

He heard his dog Pancho barking in the garden:

- Woof, woof, woof, woof ...

I continue looking for the parrot throughout the house, fearing the worst.

After a while, the buzzing of a bumblebee coming out of his bedroom caught his attention.

- Bzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzz ...

And it was then, when he discovered the open window of the room that he realized that Pepito had left.

Cristina, feeling betrayed, mourned the loss of her inseparable companion, because the lovebird did not return.

After the disgust of the first days, the girl understood that Pepito, although he was much freer than other birds, was not totally happy and needed to fly all over the world and discovered the true meaning of the word freedom.

Ask your child reading comprehension questions these simple questions so that you can check if he has understood the message of the story:

- What is the name of the protagonist of this story?

- What pet did he have?

- What happened to the pet?

- What lesson did Cristina learn?

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