Child psychopathy: symptoms, causes and treatment

Child psychopathy: symptoms, causes and treatment

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The term psychopathy or psychopath is a concept that is normally used to refer to adolescents and adults with a personality disorder. In children, we are talking about children with conduct disorder and not so much about psychopathic children.

We can define the psychopath as that person who lacks prosocial emotions such as empathy. There are a number of traits that can cause our alarms to go off and lead us to think that we are dealing with a case of child psychopathy.

There are some signs that tell us that something is wrong, and that we can find ourselves before a child with a conduct disorder, that when he reaches adolescence or adulthood, we can call himself "psycho". (Although it must be clarified that it is a term that generates controversy, and in the diagnostic manuals of psychology we do not find the term psychopath).

- It is cruel to animals and people.

- Lack of remorse or feelings of guilt.

- May show lack of feelings or superficial feelings towards othersEither they are insincere or you use them for personal gain.

- Serious breach of the rules. Defy limits, rules, and authority in general.

- He gets frustrated easily, and is self-centered, when he wants things he wants them now, and if he doesn't have them he gets angry or assaulted.

- It can destroy property of other children or at home.

- He is vindictive, a liar, he seems insensitive to punishment ...

The origin of this disorder or antisocial behavior it may be genetic, neurological, but environment and education they also play an important role. That is, when faced with the question that we can ask ourselves whether the psychopath is born or made, we can say that it is a combination of both.

That children show lack of impulse control or lack of empathy does not necessarily mean that they are a potential psychopath, they may be signs of a conduct disorder, or simply the result of inappropriate educational guidelines (lack of limits for example).

In order for us to establish that there is an important problem, several of the signs described above must occur and for a certain time (that one occurs isolated and in a timely manner is not significant).

Therefore, it is important, as a preventive measure for certain behaviors, to educate in emotional intelligence, empathy, social skills, in addition to setting clear rules and limits at home (not being too permissive or too authoritarian).

When we cannot handle the child's problematic or disruptive behaviors, or serious behaviors or misconduct take place, it is advisable to go to a child psychologist who will guide the parents and work with the child and will be the one to determine the most appropriate type of treatment for each child and each case.

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