The cunning tricks ads use to hypnotize your child

The cunning tricks ads use to hypnotize your child

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Have you ever wondered why your child knows the songs from TV commercials?

How is it possible that I am able to repeat spots in full as soon as I hear the first few bars and be unable to remember the multiplication tables no matter how much you have been singing them day after day until you break down?

We tell you what are the tricks that advertisements use to hypnotize your child.

One day you realize that your 4-year-old is humming, inadvertently, the announcement of "The incredible Recoper pans" of the Teletienda while playing with his dolls in the room. But not only that, but when you get to the supermarket and you don't know which tomato sauce to choose, the girl blurts out: “Mom, better buy Alfredos tomato, and you'll suck your fingers” Horror! Then you start to worry and think: But if I only let him watch TV on weekends!

Children, as a general rule, behave in front of the television as if they had been abducted the aliens. Their influence hypnotizes them to the point that you could dance the Hawaiian Hula-Hula with a turban on your head and a skirt made of palm leaves in front of them and they would not notice. Before television the world disappears. But if it is about ads, alienation multiplies.

I still remember that when I was a child I loved to watch the commercials as much as the cartoons themselves What is it about ads that kids like so much?

A clear axiom in advertising is that children are highly sensitive to it, and this is used in the advertising campaigns of companies.

Ads, especially those aired in children's channels, are designed to impact the subconscious childish, marking them with fire, and children are not yet prepared to discern fact from fiction, nor do they realize the tricks they use to dissuade them.

Companies know that persuasive power of a child to their parents it is stronger than a hundred ads put together, and that parents are able to spend all their savings to indulge their child's wishes, so they use all their tricks to make the ads attractive to their eyes.

1- Increase the volume of the ad. I do not know if you have noticed that many times when the ads arrive the volume increases by itself; It is not a defect in your television, nor are there any marketing-loving ghosts in your house, but the ads have a higher volume than the rest of the programming so that you can listen to them even if you have taken the opportunity to go to the bathroom or have a snack at the kitchen.

2- They use a direct, simple and very repetitive message. A kind of mantra that remains etched, sometimes forever, on the hard drive of children's minds for its simplicity and rhyme, is what is called a "slogan".

3- Easy and catchy little songs. This is the basis of any ad worth its salt. Without a song that takes root in the memory, there is no perpetuity of the product.

4- Children playing fun. Children are looking to have fun with the ad. In addition, they learn by imitation, so if there are children laughing while playing, they think they will feel the same too.

5- Use favorite or fashionable characters. "If a Power Ranger recommends it to me, it has to be good"

6- Including a group of children playing is synonymous with the fact that you will be the envy among friends from school or the park, and that always attracts them.

These are some of the tactics advertisers use with your child, so if your child talks to you with slogans, perhaps you should consider turning off the television for a while and taking him more to the park.

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