The greatest difficulties of children with dictations

The greatest difficulties of children with dictations

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Dictation is a necessary tool to recover within pedagogical and training practices. However, for a good implementation, it is necessary to be aware of the difficulties that students encounter when performing them.

Know what they are children's greatest difficulties with dictations, will help us to provide solutions and focus on solving them.

Some words or combinations of consonants that are more difficult for children to dictate, and it is precisely these that lead them to make spelling mistakes. Some of these are as follows:

- Some consonants are ambiguous as they are preceding a vowel. These represent the same sound as b, h, ll, s, v, x, z, c, g and j.

- The contiguous appearance of vowels may give rise to doubt whether the h should be used between them; hence the frequent towel-by-towel error.

- The presence of a tilde can become a source of error, since the greater tendency is not to write the tilde, rather than to place it in words that do not require it.

- Words that they are pronounced in a similar way and they have different meanings; although they do not belong to the same eminently orthographic plane, but rather semantic.

There are different complications that our language presents itself, so it remains to put together some strategies that could prepare children to deal with them.

- One option is introduce children to complex words in advance, so that from before you can see how it is written.

- The other option is - along with presenting it visually - pronounce it repeatedly, in order to accustom the child how it is heard.

- Another strategy is to present short reading texts, which have within them those words that present such difficulties. Anyway, the goal is increase the frequency with which children have to deal with the most difficult words.

As you can see, the idea is to anticipate possible problems, to go further; in order to really accompany young people in their dictation process.

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