Solutions to maintain breastfeeding when returning to work

Solutions to maintain breastfeeding when returning to work

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Maintaining breastfeeding when returning to work is a difficult challenge In most cases. It is not a simple process and requires some planning, but it is definitely worth it.

The World Health Organization exclusive breastfeeding begins again during the first six months of life and, thereafter, continue breastfeeding, together with the gradual introduction of other foods, until two years of age. But to achieve this, we must find solutions to maintain breastfeeding when we return to work. Here you have some.

The vast majority of working women, however, find it practically impossible to extend breastfeeding to two years. To achieve this, it is essential start storing breast milk in the freezer a couple of weeks before returning to work. This small warehouse will help us so that the person caring for our baby can give him a bottle with our milk during long working hours.

Once we start the work routine, we can get used to expressing milk in the morning, the ideal time to do it, since we have enough quantity –after the whole night- and the whole working day ahead to be able to generate more quantity again. Milk - in a closed container - keeps well in the refrigerator for two days. It is best to use the milk from the day before and keep a frozen reserve in case it is not possible to express it one day.

Breast milk can frozen in sealed jars or freezer bags and it is kept unchanged between three and four months, which provides us with great peace of mind for emergencies. Get in the habit of labeling milk with the expression date to prevent it from staying longer than desired in the freezer.

On the other hand, the ideal is that your baby's feedings are organized in such a way that It is his turn to suck coinciding with your reunion after work. In this way, in addition to being able to maintain lactation while we work, we ensure that the baby can continue to nurse on demand during weekends, holidays, etc.

During the first days of work it can happen that there are milk rises. Given this situation, depending on working conditions, we can choose to express the milk with a breast pump and even store it in an isothermal bag to take it home with us or, on the contrary, slow the rise by crossing the arms and pressing them against the breasts when notice the rise. In this way, the body will progressively decrease the generation of milk.

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