Top compliments for kids

Top compliments for kids

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How do you feel every time you get praised for a job well done? It is certainly a good feeling, how do you feel when someone really cares about you and also congratulates you on something you have done, said or for some other reason that you deserve? So the feeling is extraordinary.

After thinking about how good compliments feel, can you imagine the power they have with children? A child who is praised in the proper way feel valued and accepted by their parents and the best thing you will feel is that you can achieve everything you set your mind to. By this I mean that a child who feels that his parents value the things he does will know that he can better cope with the challenges that come his way. Write down the best compliments for the children and don't forget to say one to them every day.

The accolades that most motivate children are those that praise hard work, those that serve to achieve goals, and those that praise perseverance and dedication, although the accolades can cover any area.

Although you have to be careful with praise if they are done in an exaggerated way and if they do not have a specific purpose because then they could work in a wrong way, going from motivation to ego.

In addition, the compliments also they will help you connect with your children, Sometimes it is easy to forget that children have the same deep and emotional needs that we do, and even more, because they are developing and forming their personality, and love is the basic pillar.

Here I want to tell you some of the best compliments for children so that you can say it to your children whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

- Well done!

- I am very happy that we are spending time together today

- I knew you would make it

- You've seen? All your effort has been worth it

- You did very well by yourself

- You are very handsome

- You are a great brother / a

- You are a great son / daughter

- You are a great friend

- I am so happy that you are my son

- You're doing much better every time.

To properly praise a child you must remember that we live in a world where we were taught to expect from others, but we must really be grateful to others, starting with ourselves and our children. That's why when your children show honesty, effort, perseverance, kindness, honesty, respect... they are also the ideal moments to congratulate them. Although sometimes, the mere fact of existing is enough to make them see the happiness that that brings.

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