7 tips so that your children are not lazy and lazy

7 tips so that your children are not lazy and lazy

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How many times do you have to call your son to start doing his homework? Or to pick up his toys or just to wake up and get up? Sometimes laziness catches children, they become lazy and want us to be the one to solve their own tasks. Is there an antidote to the laziness of children?

In general, lazy children in childhood end up becoming lazy and lazy adults, and it is in childhood when we must set as parents the guidelines for the future behavior of our children. We must encourage them to achieve the goals they set for themselves and to face the challenges that life in society demands.

How can we encourage and motivate our children so that they are not lazy? On our site we have consulted the experts who have clarified many doubts.

1- We can assign them tasks every day. These tasks have to be related to your age and abilities. For example: make their bed, pick up their plate after dinner, prepare their clothes for the next day ... They may not always do well, but we must be patient and not do these tasks that we have assigned them. Helping at home is homework that is a good way for the child not to become lazy.

2- We must set a time for these tasks. It is not worth making the bed at night, or leaving the dishes in the kitchen until the next day. Tasks must be performed routinely at a specific time and must take a time that we consider appropriate. In order for them to achieve it, we must first help them and teach them how to do it, we cannot expect them to do it well and in a certain time if we do not help.

3- Constancy and routine. We must demand consistency when carrying out these tasks. It is not worth one day to do them, and not two. They are his tasks and he must learn that if he does not do them, no one will come after him to do them. Again we insist that both patience and perseverance are essential to get children to follow a routine.

4- Positive reinforcement. To educate the willpower of our children we have to praise them when they do well, reinforce that good behavior, never take for granted that they have to do it and that's it. We all like to be told how well we have done something.

5- We should not say negative phrases neither to him directly, much less in front of other people of the type: 'how lazy is this child'. The only thing we will achieve with these phrases is to demotivate you and also reinforce your bad behavior. You will remain lazy and lazy because there is nothing to do.

6- Talk to our children. When the child is able to understand why he should do something and is motivated to do it, the habit of work and effort becomes a positive value for him that will fill him with pride.

7- Lead by example. We cannot expect our child to be hardworking and motivated if we are lazy to carry out our own tasks. There are parents who do not stop complaining. They complain about work, that they have to do the shopping, that they have to get up early, do the housework ... How do you want your children to want to do their things?

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