5 tricks to expand your child's vocabulary

5 tricks to expand your child's vocabulary

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Expand the range of words that we use to speak is a good way for your child to express himself more and better, since the more times he is exposed to your language, the easier it will be for him to incorporate new words into his internal dictionary.

For this, there are some habits that can help you. We give you five tricks to expand the child's vocabulary with games. Aim:

With some simple guidelines we can teach our children how to learn new words.

1. Every time you say words that don't mean anything by itself (this, that, there ...), add the specific word you were referring to. For example, when you say "pick that up off the ground" it is good that you then tell them what "that" is (you could say, in your case something like: "Pick that up off the ground. You throw the wrapper that has fallen off and You give me the piece of the toy and I'll keep it ").

2. To repeat things, use synonyms. As simple as this advice may seem, we often get stuck on the same word, especially when children are not attending us and we think they have not heard us. Do not think that, perhaps he has not analyzed what you have said but the words have entered his head. Give you the same information in different wordsIn addition to being more enriching, it will also make you attend sooner.

3. Touch, smell and gesture whenever you can. Words that go through all the senses are much easier to remember. All of them can already be heard and, if they are not seen, it is likely that you can have more information about them by attending to other senses of the body. The more information you receive about the words, the better to later remember them.

4. Draw situations. Taking paper and pencil to represent, for example, what you have done during the weekend is a good way to look at the details that we want to highlight. The more details we draw the better, because each of them has a concrete word that defines it and many nuances associated with the drawing that enrich it. Talk about the drawing and explain in detail each element with its nuances to enrich your child's vocabulary.

5. Read aloud together, even if he or she already knows how to read alone. In this way you will hear new ways of using words (different contexts, tones or double meanings, among other things), which will allow you to better understand how to use them. In addition, surely words appear that you had never used before in front of him, however simple it may be.

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