Video consoles, the new time machines for children

Video consoles, the new time machines for children

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When we talk about time machines and review in our memories, it is impossible not to remember the references in the cinema: Back to the Future, Trapped in Time, Terminator, Stargate ... Regardless of the plots, they all had a common axis, which It was him temporary travel or a game of time. It has always seemed like science fiction, something very nice to develop in the movies.

However, there is currently a time MachineIt is also a powerful, controversial time machine and not the one we imagined in science fiction movies. It's about the game consoles.

We explain why video consoles are the new time machines.

These time machines that I refer to are mainly the Play Station, smartphones, x-boxes, etc.

Why do I call them a time machine? Because the only thing they consume in our children is their time.

Most parents with children between 8-14 years they are very worried about these things and it is very normal to hear them say things like: "my son spends all the time with the Play" or "my children are all day with the iphone".

It is true that, from a pedagogical point of view, we must respect and even support our children to play these types of games correctly and use them correctly, so what is not reasonable is that it is all the time in the world and be your only leisure option. As parents we must be attentive and vigilant, to control the use and the times of use.

When asked: Should we let our children play the play station and spend time on the mobile? My answer is yes. But, the fact that it is yes, does not mean that it is uncontrolled. But we must have a control when leaving these devices.

Therefore, so that these devices are not a time machine for our children, we must assume the following pedagogical challenge:

1. I must be aware that my child cannot play all the hours he wants, I will have to put a few hours to which he can play freely, as long as he has carried out his tasks and obligations, both school and family.

My recommendation is that not all hours are focused on the weekendBecause if not, the child spends the whole week waiting for that moment to arrive, to spend the whole weekend playing. Therefore, I recommend something very moderate from Monday to Friday, and something else on the weekend, all with some restriction and some control.

2. The console should not be a blackmail for the child to do homework, do household things, etc ... Neither a motive for blackmail, nor threat of punishment, but we must have it as a complement your fun, but a moderate complement, not as an object of blackmail.

3. We must prevent the child from playing alone, we must try to have the console in a space accessible to all, where everyone can enjoy it. The feeling of loneliness accompanied by someone is not the same as the feeling of loneliness physically alone.

4. These devices should not be the first thing our children put in the suitcase when we go on vacation, they should not even be among the first places of the leisure items.
If we take these recommendations into account, I am convinced that we will be pedagogically correct management of the hours that our children dedicate to these devices, and thus prevent them from becoming the time machine that consumes all the leisure time of our children.

From here I challenge all parents to have and implement these small recommendations.

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