Children and Internet access

Children and Internet access

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Children's Internet access should also be part of their parents' education. Educating is showing, teaching, instructing, preparing, it is not hiding or hiding. A good education builds trust and respect; otherwise, without orientation and clear limits, only mistrust is created in the family environment.

In this case I am referring to children's access to the Internet, an issue that worries many parents and that, on many occasions, we do not know how to control it because we have no references in our own childhood.

From the moment they are born, most children are controlled 'with a magnifying glass' by their parents. They are instructed not to talk to strangers, and everything they do when they play, what they watch on television, what they eat, is controlled. Like any other means of communication, The Internet is a tool that has its pros and cons, that is, good and bad things. But it is inevitable that children access the Internet. It is part of their social and educational development.

The connection provides resources such as news, libraries, valuable training and educational materials, as well as entertainment and communication services that are very useful for children, without their having to travel. It is very comfortable, but many times this practicality takes its toll.

This whole virtual world, immediate and fascinating can generate a compulsive, nervous, and addicted child, if there are no limits and adult supervision. In addition, the accesses made by children cannot be underestimated. On the web you can also find content and graphic materials not suitable for children. Sex, violence, drugs ... Therefore, it is necessary that we alert our children about these dangers and limit their access, in some way.

Good use of the Internet can be achieved through some good advice:

1- The computer must be in an area shared by the family.

2- It must establish hours of computer use and Internet.

3- Share some activity on the Internet with the children.

4- Teach kids to protect their passwords.

5- Stimulates the critical spirit and the intuition of children.

6- convince your child that he should not write his age, phone, address or post photos in any tool or Internet address.

7- Consult frequently the browsing history.

8- Update security programs and activate parental control systems that block children's access to certain content, control their usage time and record their activity.

9- Advise your child not to accept contacts or reply to emails from people they do not know, no matter how pleasant they may seem.

10- Report any suspicious situation. In Prot├ęgeles you can make a complaint online.

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