From positive parents, happy children

From positive parents, happy children

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Imagine we had an account with an emotional balance. Imagine that throughout the day, the only thing you promote is negative language, and that phrase falls on your balance in a negative way, that is, debit balance. And also, that only, once a day, you say something positive, which will also go to your balance, in this way, creditor. Can you imagine how the balance of that account will be at the end of the day? And of the month? What about the year? ... and about life ...?

This is how sometimes, without realizing it, and always, as I say, in the name of love, we treat, speak and address our children. This is how we fill or not, the balance of your emotional account ... And without realizing it, we are building a personality that if we think about it, it is not the best we want for our children. And what would be the best? Remember this: of positive parents, happy children.

The attitude of the parents, their positive thinking, is key to the happiness of the children. Of course we are talking about emotions that will give security, confidence, and the right love, faced with the possibility of making them feel worthless, empty or without direction. And of course, we would all like to have an abundant account of positive moments and words.

Well let's get to it, dads! We are going to detail some phrases that can make us stimulate our children with our language. Words that will challenge them, encourage them and make them confident and secure, for their day to day, thus building a positive personality like ours:

  1. It seems that what you are doing is costing you work and effort, however, you are doing it very well!
  2. Do not focus on what you have achieved for us, but on what you can achieve. Can!
  3. Cheer up! that you can do it!
  4. Have you realized how much you are enjoying, in this moment, doing what you are doing?
  5. I feel like you could do better Do you want to try?
  6. WooooWowww !!! Look what you have achieved !!!! It's fantastic!!! It's great!!!
  7. Would you like it to be better for you? Keep practicing and you will get it !!
  8. I trust you, dare!
  9. Try it!! Nothing happens if you don't get it. I also make mistakes and learn from them.
  10. I am proud of your efforts, you should be proud of yourself too.
  11. Being wrong is good, it helps us learn. Don't stop trying for it.
  12. Take all the time you need, I'll be here for what you need.
  13. I wouldn't have done it that way, but that's perfect.
  14. I know that what you are doing takes a lot of effort, so I appreciate it more.

To end the day, spend some time and take stock together of the 3 good things the day has hadThis is how we will teach you to value and appreciate a positive attitude.

And finally, I want to remind you that this is not only applicable with our children, if we also use, as parents, this language in the couple environment, we will become parents focused on the positive, so that our children learn without having to teach them.

You will find that the better you find yourself, the more secure you will feel as a parent or educator or partner or person.

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