Scolding someone else's child if he is having bad behavior: yes or no?

Scolding someone else's child if he is having bad behavior: yes or no?

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You are in the park playing with your son and another boy comes and kicks him; Your son is entering school, a classmate comes, throws his backpack and steps on it; you are organizing a birthday party and a child insists on spoiling it. How do you act in any of these cases?

Should we discipline someone else's child? Should we scold someone else's child who is misbehaving?

All of us who have children have experienced some of these situations at some point, another child has bad behavior towards our child and their parents do not act, either because they have not realized it or because they do not give it importance. In those cases, how should we act? Should we rebuke someone else's child in his presence?

Before analyzing what the experts think, I give you my opinion ... of course! As long as it is causing harm or harm to our child We must reprimand him and, if the action is excessive, go to his parents to tell them what happened.

And it is that, although we must teach our children to defend themselves from other children and to be assertive, that is, to act without violence but without remaining passive, they are not always prepared to do so and there are times that require an adult to intervene .

They are those cases in which a child is ruining a birthday party because he is out of control, we have invited a friend of our son to our house and he is misbehaving or in the park a child approaches to throw dirt in the hair to the our. If the child's parents do not intervene, we must stop the behavior ourselves. Now the question is ... How to scold another child who is not our child?

This fact has been the reason that families stop talking to each other and groups of friends no longer go out together. And is that, scolding someone else's child is not an easy task. Even so, there are times when we are forced to take action on the matter, and this is what the experts recommend when we act:

  • We must intervene before the problem spreads and causes harm to our child. Never wait until the other child is out of control or wait forever for their parent to intervene.
  • If the parents are close but have not noticed what is happening, we must act calmly, do not yell, threaten or insult the other child, but I do ask you firmly to stop in your attitude.
  • If the action of the offending child has been excessive, we must reach out to their parents to take action. It is a delicate situation, yes, but they must be aware that their child's bad behavior is affecting others.
  • If we are in charge of someone else's child and they are attacking our child, bothering him or insulting him, we have to ask him to leave the situation, known as "time out"; We will also warn him that if that is the attitude he is going to take, he will not return home to play or you will not take charge of him again. And, of course, we will comply.
  • If we have invited a child to a birthday or home who, a priori we know is conflictive, we can also take preventive measures. It is about establishing simple rules of behavior, few but clear and concise rules. Every time the child skips them, you will withdraw him from the games that others are participating in.

And, of course, trying to be as objective as possible, it does not always happen that the children of others have a terrible behavior and ours are the holiest.

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