Children's whys about sex

Children's whys about sex

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Surely at some point, your son He asked you about a topic related to sexuality: How are children born? How do babies get to the belly of mothers?

The curiosity of children has no limits, and according to the experts, if they ask, perhaps it is time to answer, without evasions of any kind. Always adapt the answer to the age of your child. We help you with all these answers to children's whys about sex.

Prepare yourself for the battery of questions that at some point you will hear at home. Children are very curious and need answers. Also, of course, about sexuality. Here are some of the most common questions asked by children about sex:

  1. Why don't girls have a penis? Girls have a vagina and boys have a penis. They are two very important organs for men and women to reproduce and have babies. The girls' vagina is not visible. What you see is the 'vulva', which is the outer part of the female organs. In it you will see the clitoris, a hole to pee and another hole, which is the entrance to the vagina.
  2. And what is the clitoris? It is like a small button that can be seen in the middle of the girls' vulva. It is as if hidden by a part of the vulva. It serves to give pleasure.
  3. And why do children have like two 'marbles or nuts' next to the 'pilila'? That 'pilila' is the penis, which can also be of different shapes and sizes. And next to the penis, like two 'bags' that are the testicles. It's actually just a sachet and it's called a scrotum, and it regulates the temperature to keep the sperm in good condition.
  4. Sperm? And what is that? Inside the testicles, men generate sperm, which are tiny and have the mission of entering the egg, the cell that girls produce for reproduction. The testes are the factory of sperm, and it manufactures them from the time the boy enters puberty. It manufactures hundreds of millions of them a day, and when they are useless, it destroys them and manufactures others ... Sperm are very small, so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. With a microscope you could see that they are like little tadpoles.
  5. And how do the sperm get to the egg? For the sperm to enter the woman's body, the boy must insert his penis into the woman's vagina. When it reaches a peak of pleasure, the sperm go out into a whitish liquid called semen.
  6. And why does the penis sometimes get hard? The penis can get hard for many reasons: for example, when the boy really wants to urinate, when something is very, very exciting, from a dream that cannot be remembered ... and of course, when the boy feels pleasure . At this point, blood collects in the penis and it becomes harder.
  7. And how are babies made? To 'make a baby' you need an egg and a sperm. The two reproductive cells of the boy and the girl. When the penis is inserted into the girl's vagina and the boy ejaculates, the sperm travels from the vagina to the place where the ovum is, the fallopian tubes. It's like competing in a race! There, the first sperm that manages to enter the ovum, by joining with it, creates a life, which will soon be a baby.
  8. Why do older girls bleed once a month? From the time girls enter puberty, menstruation can occur, which is the time when they begin to expel an egg each month. Although sometimes there are more than one. When the ovum has not been fertilized, that is, no sperm has managed to enter, it is expelled to the outside, along with all the mucous that the body generated to prepare the body for the baby. When these small membranes come off, they cause small wounds and the blood also comes out ... it is what the elderly call 'rule', and it comes out through the vagina.
  9. Why do girls have 'boobs'? From puberty on, girls begin to grow breasts. It can be of many shapes and sizes. The function of the breast is to feed the baby when it is born.
  10. What is it like to make love? The sexual encounter is also called 'making love' because pleasure is usually accompanied by desire and love. That is why there are also kisses and many caresses. When making love, it can feel like a tingling throughout the body, or moments of great pleasure and the urge to scream. Each person and according to the moment feels different things.

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