A roped mouse among mice. Story about respect for others

A roped mouse among mice. Story about respect for others

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This is a story that speaks of respect for the dreams and wishes of others. These dreams may not be the same as yours, and even if you believe that you are doing a common good, in reality they are not.

Know through this story why you should respect the decisions of others.

The Thompson family farm was in South London. In her people and animals coexisted in perfect harmony. A friendly community of little mice shared the Thompson family home. They were all perfectly organized. Mice were not to appear in rooms when there were guests and could go to the farm's pantry whenever they were hungry. Even the cat, whom everyone called Mr. Miaumiau, spent the afternoons entertaining playing in the haystack with the playful mice.

Peter was the youngest of the Thompson family children. When he left school he liked to help with the farm chores, especially if he had to ride the old tractor. And the thing is, the boy really liked motors and little machines.

When Peter turned five they gave him a little wind-up mouse. Of all the gifts he received, this was his favorite. He always carried it with him. But the little mice on the farm were horrified. They saw the rope and thought that surely that invention would wish to be made of meat and bones, as they were.

It was then that the mouse Mouselin had an idea. Would call Jiminy Cricket so that he would turn the little wind-up mouse into a real one, just as he had done in the past with Pinocchio, Gepeto's son. After a long negotiation, and much magic and enchantment, the little wind-up mouse came to life.

There was surprise and joy in the mouse community, but the mouse that used to have rope I wouldn't stop crying. He wanted to continue being a wind-up mouse, because what made him happy was going into Peter's trouser pocket and the tickling that Peter did when he wound him. Peter was also saddened, since there were many mice around the farm, but the one that used to be a rope was the machine he dreamed of.

Jiminy Cricket, who saw everything from the land of Magic, undid the spellNot without first explaining to the mouse community that you have to respect people, animals, things ... and not think or dream about them. And the thing is that sometimes things don't go the way we wanted and we can't impose our wishes.

Find out if the child has understood the story with these reading comprehension questions.

  • How did the mice deal with the people who lived on the farm?
  • What did they give Peter when he was 5 years old?
  • Who did they call to convert the little wind-up mouse?
  • Why did they undo the mouse spell?
  • Would you like any of your dolls to become flesh and blood?

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