Long learning. Children's tale about free elections

Long learning. Children's tale about free elections

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Parents on many occasions we insist on direct the lives of our children. We believe that the decisions we make on your behalf are the best decisions regardless of your own ideas or thoughts.

This is the story of a lion who did not want to be King of the jungle like his father. Do you think his father will understand?

Children's story to teach the child to freely choose his future and not always follow the advice of parents, no matter how good they may be.

Leonardo was a little lion who had to learn to be the King of the African savannah and grasslands. Every day he listened attentively to his enormous father explain to him that he must be fierce, as he would soon become the greatest predator of animals. His power would reside in his strength. It was to be feared and respected equally.

Leonardo repeated the lesson day after day but I did not understand anything. He feared his father's fury so he always chose to shut up and nod. He did not understand why he should hunt zebras, when they always made him laugh with their black and white stripes. Nor why should he chase the gazelles with how funny they were with their little jumps. I was in a mess. Elephants were among his favorites. Whenever he saw them he would think of long showers under their trunks. However, what he heard from his father's roar is that he had to be careful with them, because they were very heavy and a bad blow from them could hurt him.

Leonardo wanted all those animals to be his friends. The days passed and it became clearer and clearer: I did NOT want to be the King. His father scolded him a lot because he barely knew how to roar and also, when they ran for speed, Leonardo always entertained himself by playing with the butterflies or thinking that they would see the giraffes from the height provided by their long necks.

The day Leonardo discovered courage, that which he had heard his father speak of so many times, he used it to confront precisely this, his father. Leonardo explained that he did not want to be the King, that he preferred to live up in trees like monkeys, or plunge into stagnant water like hippos. What he liked least in the world was to be fierce.

After a long silence, Leonardo's father accepted his son's decision, because all he wanted was for the little one to be happy and he discovered that parents are also wrong, since sometimes thinking about what we think will be the best for our children we forgot to ask them what do they want?

If you want to know if your child has understood the message of the story, you can ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What did his father want Leonardo to be?
  • Why did Leonardo like zebras?
  • How did Leonardo have fun with the elephants?
  • Why didn't he want to be King?
  • Did the father understand? Why?
  • What would you like to be?

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