The forest of silence. Children's poem about fun and noise

The forest of silence. Children's poem about fun and noise

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Children are noisy, and that is, playing, laughing, singing, running and other activities that children are passionate about make noise. East children's poem about fun and noise it is perfect for children and adults.

The forest of silence is a nursery rhyme that tries to explain to children and, especially to adults, that children make noise when they are being happy. If not ... how boring would it be!

You don't know how it got

but only found

in that part of the world

looking around.

And looking distracted

looking at him he discovered,

to another white bunny

how curious he approached

and the lost bunny

then he asked:

Rabbit where am I?

the other replied:

"In the forest of Silence"

"It's a beautiful landscape"

Said the lost rabbit,

but here I notice something strange

my ears tell me.

«In the forest of Silence

you won't hear any noise

we all live in peace

stay and make friends.

Determined the bunny

in the forest he stayed,

the first day tired

he slept all at once.

At dawn happy

He approached the river to drink,

but everyone scoffed at him

You make too much noise!

Walking in the woods

he began to hum,

but they all told him

You can't sing here!

With two stones he made music

happy he started jumping

and immediately they told him

Stop bothering now!

The next day the rabbit

He left without making a sound

because the forest turned out

a very boring place.

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