Safe children in the pool

Safe children in the pool

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Swimming pool accidents can occur at any time of the year, but it is in summer when parents should emphasize the safety of the little ones to avoid an accident. Drowning deaths among children under 14 years of age they increase almost 90 percent in the summer season with respect to the rest of the year, according to the organization Safe Kids Worldwide.

Safe Kids Worldwide advise not lose sight of minors at any timeEven those who can swim while in the pool. A few seconds out of an adult's sight is enough for a little one to drown. Experts advise that the adult in charge of a child avoid being distracted by reading, talking on the phone or mowing the lawn while supervising children in the pool.

Apart from this vigilance, it should also be implemented with other security measures such as installing a fence, using floats or teaching children to swim. The installation and proper use of a fence surrounding the pool in the urbanization or in the house they will be able to prevent from 50 to 90 percent the cases of drowning, according to the organization.

Experts recommend that it be at least one and a half meters high with automatic closure out of the reach of children for greater safety. Likewise, installing alarms on the doors of the house that give access to the pool area can serve to alert if children have left without their authorization. Maintain a rescue team and a phone near the pool To be able to act quickly in the event of an emergency is your advice.

Once the bath has finished, remove all the toys from the pool to prevent your children from being attracted to them and deciding to jump into the water. Children should not be allowed near the pool drainage points, whether these are covered or not, since a small carelessness could cause the hair or another part of the child's body to be sucked and get stuck in the hole.

Enroll your children in swimming classes with a qualified instructor. Experts suggest that the best age to learn to swim is from the age of four, but they can start earlier and learn techniques that can help them function more safely in the water. Likewise, experts recommend not "lowering your guard" by the fact that children can swim, since carelessness can be fatal. Also, in no case do you allow your children to run or jump around the pool, as a fall in these circumstances can be very dangerous.

Source consulted: Safe Kids Worldwide

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