Experiences of a Spanish mother in Germany

Experiences of a Spanish mother in Germany

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Fatima was a student from Madrid who, like many other young people of her generation, decided to pursue their university studies in Germany. Thus he left his family and his land behind for what everyone assumed was simply a period of studies in that country. But she soon met a burly German with whom she fell in love and with whom she began a relationship that ended in a wedding.

It didn't take long to become mother of three young children. He needed to find an escape route and started writing a fun blog that ended up turning into a book: A Spanish mom in Germany.

We have spoken with Fátima to tell us about her experiences as a mother in a country that is not her own. This is his story:

1. How is it for you to form and raise a family in a strange country.

On the one hand, it is very hard because you are far away, not only from your family and friends, but also from everything that for you represents important references (both social and cultural) from your childhood. But on the other hand, it is very enriching, because it gives you the opportunity to learn new things and to assess your cultural background from a more objective perspective.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a mother in Germany

The fundamental advantage that I see is that it is a country in which family life is not only allowed, but also encourages (parents-young children) and gives you the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your children. The biggest drawback that I see is precisely the other side of this advantage, which is that it is very very difficult (sometimes even impossible) to dedicate yourself to something other than raising and caring for the family when you are a mother .

The lack of nurseries and the absurd schedules of both these and the school, make having a job (even part-time) that you might like and that is worthwhile, is something miraculous.

3. What is learned from German mothers and the customs of motherhood in Germany

From German mothers I have learned to be calmer and not worry so much about whether the child is together or not, for example. I have also learned to be more independent and confident and not call my mother every five minutes to ask her opinion.

4. Most important changes between motherhood in Spain and motherhood in Germany

There are so many! I always say that, to get an idea, here I seem neurotic to them because I hug a lot, sing something and, when I get angry, I scold with fuss. Here, on the other hand, they are very ethereal, they never scream, they are constantly behind the child, with him in their arms ... etc., but they do not kiss them. I have never seen a German woman sniffing her child's cheeks with passion.

Fatima Casaseca Muñoz

Degree in Philosophy and Theology

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